Healing Amulets

White Coral wrapped in copper wire with accented copper beads.

Precious Stones and Crystals have intrigued people for ages.

Our ancestors wore them for protection, vitality, life force equilibrium and for manifestation purposes as well. Since crystals have been here for so long, they carry much wisdom within them, this timeless wisdom was even programmed into certain crystals for future generations, with the hopes the minerals would be found and used to unlock higher knowledge and understanding and also to connect with the new age for transformational ascension and healing.

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You may purchase an amulet Contact us for more information. Amulets are energized. Amulets are one of a kind and hand crafted by Sereda with love.


Healing Amulets

Aquamarine, brass and copper make up this powerful piece.

Precious Stones and Crystals have intrigued people for ages.

Our ancestors wore them for protection, vitality, life force equilibrium and for manifestation purposes as well. Since crystals have been here for so long, they carry much wisdom within them, this timeless wisdom was even programmed into certain crystals for future generations, with the hopes the minerals would be found and used to unlock higher knowledge and understanding and also to connect with the new age for transformational ascension and healing.

More photos to come~

You may purchase an amulet Contact us for more information. Amulets are energized. Amulets are one of a kind and hand crafted by Sereda with love.

The 5 Step Process to Attract Abundance

The 5 Step Process to Attract Abundance

Learn the Art of Attracting Abundance using The Law of Attraction. These two laws make a perfect pair! The solution to everything we desire, want and need. Is in using a word that will active everything at once. The word Abundance covers everything!

1. Start by writing down two goals- to start the process. Think carefully of what it is you want to see or see more of in your life. Dream big, do not hold back.

2. Next, Keep the paper on your body as you go through your day, Then visualize having the desired goals already feel it, experience and enjoy the joy in your body of acquiring these two things all day.. do this at least 6 times or more each day..take 3-5 minutes each time to focus on them..see pictures of them… smile as much as possible too..

3. Verbalize these words several times a day

In the car (KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE ROAD), in a bathroom mirror, anytime anywhere

4. Say thanks to the source. It does not matter whether you believe a particular spirituality or not, what is important here is to give thanks for what you are about to receive,and while you are expressing gratitude, you are also showing the universe that you no you are not making your blessing happen alone. Moreover, when giving thanks you are acknowledging that something higher and bigger than you is partnering with you to make things happen in your life and that you are a joyful co-creator.

The 5th Step is to Say YES to abundance! Smile inside and out. Be open to receiving the energy that you sent out, only this time- the universe will return the love by completely reflecting the light back to you in a magnitude of ways. Watch.

~Sereda Aleta Dailey

Ancestral Insight

One thing an ancestor once said: We must do our research and make sure we aren’t just saying whatever comes to our mind when we speak..they also said that when we ask for divine incite into the situations in our lives..we should be silent..and answers will come..then we’re usually able share and teach from a personal experience and not just saying things randomly to get the ball rollin, to debate or vent ..either way; they said, there is a lack of study in the world..if there were more of it we would share more understanding of one another and how we fit with others and nature too.. ~My Ancestors Sharing Blissful Wisdom~

Co-Creation is Continuous: The first thing to understand

The first thing to understand about Building more of anything in our lives is: WE are a part of the process of creating our reality all of the time. What’s next?

Watch this video for deeper clarity about how we co-create. Deep stuff~ I  just enjoy life!

Poetry for the Soul~

Dream & Visualize your prize, allow your light to grow…witness the glow- ing..there is nothing to fear..if you know what you are..never let that image go..The universe is your home. The Creators lifeforce is in you…you are all knowing..all powerful..everywhere all the time.. never second guess that.. create your paradise at will divine one..focus and be still..vibrate high-ER..celebrate this life fully…and know that…Harmony shall reign supreme no matter what it looks like right now..its all an illusion… Flow…with it…Seek Peace…Return to Bliss as much as you can…give thanks for the power to choose..AHhhh… ~DivineBiss~ ♥ Just say Yesss! OMM

Perseverance Quotes To Keep You Moving! Success Is The Goal!

No matter what your life is in this moment, with the blink of an eye everything can change. We have to remain motivated until the finish line comes. There are tools to keep you on point in life. Use all the motivators to keep you well stocked for the final push. Everyone is counting on us to make it happen. If we don’t move on our opportunities.. who will. Repeat these when you need that extra get up and go. You will be glad you did. You are already there! ~ Bliss Returned!



The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall~ Nelson Mandela

I am Perseverance!

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.-Albert Einstein

Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.” – John Quincy Adams

The majority of men meet with failure because of their lack of persistence in creating new plans to take the place of those which fail.~ Napoleon Hill

“Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness”.-Edward Stanley.

It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.~ Babe Ruth

“Victory belongs to the most persevering” ~B

Never considers the possibility of failure; as long as you persist, you will be successful.~Brian Tracy

“With ordinary talents and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable.” – Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton

“Permanence, perseverance and persistence in spite of all obstacles, discouragements, and impossibilities: It is this, that in all things distinguishes the strong soul from the weak.” – Thomas Carlyle

“There is no royal road to anything. One thing at a time, all things in succession. That which grows fast withers as rapidly; that which grows slowly endures.” – J.G. Holland

“Persist and persevere, and you will find most things that are attainable, possible.”– Lord Chesterfield

“Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.” – Calvin Coolidge

To keep a lamp burning, we have to keep putting oil in it.~ Mother Teresa





You Have The Power!

You have the power to choose…Consciousness is All there is~ we are Always One with all…nothing or no one is ever against us ~ we are here to learn~ we are indeed connected to All~ everything serves to further~ all situations/people/ challenges come into ones life to give the perfect opportunity to remember and nourish the peace that we are by nature:-) ~ Allow me remind you of who you are and are not…At Bliss Returned Life Coaching…Its about Personal Accountability~ Transformation ~ Empowerment ~ Relax ~ Rejuvenate~ Just SAY yes ~

Important Herbs for Women


Herbal Menopause Support

Since menopause is a natural stage of life, it makes intuitively sense to treat it naturally. With recent studies showing a link between hormone replacement therapy and increased risk for cancer, many woman are looking for an alternative approach to easing the sometimes bothersome symptoms of menopause. We suggest women read several books by herbal authorities that address use of herbs in menopause, including “Menopausal Years” by Susan Weed, “Herbal Healing for Women” by Rosemary

Gladstar, and The Herbal Menopause Book” by Amanda McQuade Crawford. The books are informative, offer different approaches to using herbs, and can be kept as reference guides. Below, we will present just a few herbs that can be used to promote health during the peri-menopause and menopausal years.

Building and Maintaining Strong and Healthy Bones: Osteoporosis is a risk for menopausal women as bone mass decreases in menopause. You can reduce your risk by getting regular exercise and eating calcium rich foods. Green sources of calcium are premium, but white sources are necessary too. Eat calcium rich yogurt, raw milk cheese, seaweeds, and salmon. Increasing your stomach hydrochloric acid production through consumption of lemon juice, dandelion tincture or herbal vinegars will aid your absorption of calcium. Herbal sources of calcium include horsetail, valerian, kelp, nettle, peppermint dock, chickweed, red clover, red raspberry, plantain, dandelion leaf, and lamb’s quarters. Avoid substances that deplete calcium, including caffeine, sugar, salt, antacids, fluoride (in toothpastes and drinking water), steroid medications, greens rich in oxalis acid (chard, beet greens, rhubarb), excessive phosphorus (food additives) and fermented soy products.

Emotional Moods swings: As hormonal changes occur, often mood changes accompany these changes. Motherwort tincture, chaste berry tincture, and black cohosh tincture can help to ease mood swings.

Hormone Balancing: Hormone balancing herbs that help to promote estrogen include alfalfa and red clover, hops, black cohosh, sage, licorice, and dong quai. Progesterone promoting herbs include chaste tree berry, yarrow, sarsaparilla root and wild yam root.

Hot Flashes: Herbs to decrease hot flashes include Motherwort and black cohosh. Tonify with infusions of red clover and oatstraw. Avoid stimulants that may trigger hot flashes, including spices, acidic foods, hot drinks, caffeine, alcohol, white sugar, stress, hot weather, hot tubs and saunas, tobacco and marijuana, intense exercise and intense anger.

Sleep Problems: Tonify with oatsraw and nettle infusions. Induce sleep with hops, skullcap, passion flower or valerian tinctures.

Headache/Migraine: Feverfew is the herb of choice for treating and preventing migraine. For headache, try vervain or lady’s mantle tincture, skullcap or St. John’s Wort.

Vaginal Complaints: Demulcent comfrey root sitz bath and comfrey or plantain ointment applied externally eases vaginal dryness. Internally, vaginal lubrication can be increased with Motherwort tincture and/or freshly ground flax seeds. Yeast infections can be avoided and reduced with eating yogurt and use of acidophilus powder. A sitz bath of apple cider vinegar will help to ease to discomfort of a yeast overgrowth.

Maintaining a Healthy Heart: Tonify your cardiac functions with garlic and seaweeds in your diet, lemon balm and nettle tea and infusion, and tinctures of Motherwort, hawthorn berry and dandelion root.

Susan Weed’s “Bonny Boney Brew” (from “Menopausal Years”)

1 once dried nettle (substitute red clover, oatstraw or red raspberry for nettle)

1 tablespoon dried horsetail

1 tablespoon dried sage

Place herbs in quart canning jar and cover with boiling water. Cap and let brew for at least four hours or overnight. Strain, sweeten with honey as desired. Each cup is a calcium rich tea.


*This article does not constitute medical advise. Please see your healthcare provider for medical advise.

Source: http://wholeearthhealing.sagelakefarm.com

Holistic Dating / Take 1

I am sure we all can agree on one thing here before i get into this dating article. We all have so much in common, like most of us were taught to respond to life according to the advice of our parents or other adults or even siblings or perhaps an older friend. It is true-

We know there was no master manual on how to be a parent. How many of us have stories to share about that, no matter what some may think about their upbringing overall, the people in charge did the best they could with what they knew.

Parenting and teaching the youth is a HUGE job, however some adults gladly signed up to make a baby or babies. Some planned it and some did not. After they had their children they still had no manual on how to raise a child. They relied on their overall experiences to pass on what they knew to be right or wrong. The manual for dating was never written for anyone else either. Then again, you can say it was written, as new book is published on a regular basis. This is true regarding the manual on parenting as well. Books are written by people with personal experiences and perceptions usually.

Due to the level of  ‘manuals’ out there, one would wonder why there are issues in the dating world. With no commitment or long term plans between two people how can there be any issues at all? With all the knowledge men and women have available to them how can they not know what works or doesn’t work in the dating arena?

As funny as it sounds, that is the reality in the world. Two people with no connection to one another financially or any other…These persons have misunderstandings, large and small issues, the same story-

Dating can be a delightful journey if its done in a certain way. The problem is that we are all a bit different in what we prefer, want or say we need from our potential future mate. There are some details that run people off from dating. They even call the dating scene a mess. Not caring to deal with all the dating surprises and festivities- some people have chosen never to date or if they do it’s on a rare occasion.

For one thing, everyone is bringing with them the teachings of someone they grew up with , who had their own experiences. You have never met that person who influenced them, may never meet them either and the source of your dating interests dating knowledge or lack there of.. may have learned nothing about dating. So here is this person you are interested in who knows nothing about dating. Alright let’s just say the person you are interested in learned about dating, If they did, they have not met you yet, right..lol. That’s a favorite line these days.

It is funny, people do not think about the research they should do before stepping out into the dating scene. ONE to find out about what it is they want, and TWO to see what traits, characteristics, looks, values, etc…they want in their potential future lover. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with dating without looking for love at all. It is fine. Casual is great. No pressure. But we will need a game plan at some point.

There are old school teachings that can assist us right now with relating to others’ in my opinion. I’m forever young. However, every year i still get older (age wise) anyway. In the time that it has taken me to get to the age i am now- I have seen life from a different perspective. Others’ single folks have too. Especially after embracing the two things i listed above. (Read# Points One and Two in CAPS)

We cannot expect to know what we are getting into if we do not do our homework and research. I mean if you only want a warm body in your bed then you can just jump right in to dating without any ground work and you will still have the same 50/50 chance of having success even in that fast  moving department. So with the chances being 50/50 for those who do not do the research before going out with someone for something as simple as dinner- how can we expect anything of quality at all from out interactions with anyone?

Mmmm I don’t know?

Yea i know.

Why should we take our time? Here is a reason. Lying (NOT TELLING THE TRUTH) tops the list on why dating can be perceived as a mess some folks care not to deal with.  Hey i feel you. After being told some untrue information repeatedly by a stream of people back to back,  there may be months, years or weeks between the multiple people doing the lying. Why even bother? Some say.

Who is doing the lying? Too many to name, apparently. From my research, lying in the midst of dating can come from either a man or woman. This has always been true. We all have a choice, some choose to tell a lie. Karma may not phase them either. And for some, they could care less about the returned energy of their actions. The real question is… Why lie at all? That’s the billion dollar question. Maybe these people just need healing. This is a part of the inner work that should be done before we look for a long term relationship.

I am grateful that I have knowledge of qi gong and the 5 organ profile system. I am ever thankful for the understanding that people are sick (unbalanced health wise) over all and do not even know it. Once i learned qi gong and the 5 organ system and how it plays a role in why people say they will do something, want to do things but lack the vitality to do them. Afterwards, i changed my dating tune completely. I know the signs to look for now. What signs am i looking for? Well i personally want to raise a family one day with a big strong man by my side. I want healthy children as well. For this to happen the man must be healthy (vital) too.

This is just an example of one thing one may have on their list of things they want in a potential mate. This potential mate has to start off as a date basically. Also, in my experience they should become a friend before the relationship comes. An elder once said this, if you and your mate ever break up, you will at least have a friend in them. The benefit of making a friend before getting into a relationship with someone benefits us all the way around. A friend is great to have in a mate, i find that balance naturally comes after a  friendship has been established with someone. After we have a friend, the possibilities are endless indeed.

There is so much to write on the subject of dating that i will continue this post in several parts. Summing up tonight’s post and what its about…Thus far, I have written about the importance of patience and friendship before making any possible regretful moves that we have not planned for ourselves. Waiting never hurt in the name of love. Why rush?

Thanks for reading this. Comments are welcome as always. <3~Bliss to you~

Sereda~  The Bliss Goddess