Time Management: A Proven Blueprint of An Absolute Winner!

where does the time go
where does the time go (Photo credit: cmcbrown)


Life is full of blissful opportunities that give us a fair chance to get better each and everyday. I know you may be saying ‘yeah right’. Just wait, I’m sure you’ll agree with me after you hear a little more. Trust me, its not the easiest task to get into a routine for most people, i get that. I know all about the challenges that come with having to choose to do what most of us want to do but most people want the structure and benefits of a routine only without doing the work on the front end.


There always has and will be a simple way to do almost everything. Now one key to getting into an assassin proof routine is to first INTEND IT! I’ll say it again, its easy to create a routine, but you have to do some prep work to put it together first. All routines start with a great idea! Its well known that all people have the same choices to improve themselves at any given time in life, but only if they want to of course.


In short, we are the only ones who are responsible for our actions. Obstructions will come and go along the way. The most amazing thing is that we have a choice to do better at anytime and that challenges will come as well. Just think about it, when these life altering situations come, we know we have another great reason to make a real change in our lives and for the better too.


Do you think time management will be hard? It will be whatever you make it. I know your schedule is in hyper overload mode plus there is so much going on in the midst of your life. Just hear me out now. Answer this for me: Do you get out of the best fussing and falling all over the place, wishing that you could do something else? Do you gulp down coffee and other stimulants its your last cup of water, only to find that you don’t have any energy in the end? And when you do feel energy, it feels more like an adrenaline rush before a race than real sustainable energy. Hey we have all been there or someone of us have at least.


Take a deep breath and know this, You don’t have to rush to do anything. Its time to take your time back and start living balanced and fruitfully. Do you often wish you could be more organized, only your brain isn’t doing what you had planned for it to do for you, when you need it to? If this is you some of the time, even if its only YOU once a month its time to make a change. Its time to take to the bridge, To move a mountain and master this thing!


You can do this time thing, contrary to what somebody may have told you.  Trust me when I say this… You Don’t have to like organization or schedules to get into the Art of Personal Time Management.  You just don’t. I know you’re probably thinking ‘why should I do anything that I’m not interested in?’ I hear you loud and clear! That’s some of the best logic but that’s not what we’re doing this for. It’s not about logic and comforting our ‘likes’. It’s about one thing and that’s all! YOU want something different. So you gotta change the game to make scoring possible, otherwise you may never get to the next step on your latter of accomplishments. Is it safe to say that you would enjoy a more efficient day? Alright now, let’s talk about how you can get there.


Planning has never been considered a fun thing to do, at least not for the majority of the world anyway. However I’m going to show you why planning is easier than you ever thought it was. Planning is fun, it can be if even it’s not now. Trust me on this,  once you see the benefits of a well thought out and executed plan you, that’s it! You will enjoy the fruits of your labor that much more. Once you have a list of what you want to do better or more efficiently, the next step is to get to work on how you’re going to complete this.


Allow me to give an example: For instance if you want to make a simple change like: get to work earlier, you have to plan a new routine to do it. I know you might be saying to yourself…’But why would I want to do that, get to work early?’. I know you may think I’m crazy by now but hear me out.


If getting to work early was one of your goals, say to yourself: That’s easy! Now measure the pro’s against the co’s to motivate you that much more! Benefits: The early employee gets all the good stuff. I know you’ve heard the phrase ‘the early bird gets the worm.’ If you’ve ever gotten to work early, you know the perks completely outweigh the negative feeling you may have had about going to work in the first place. Still don’t think I’m serious? Be honest now, could you use a few more hours on the job? I mean to make extra money and to get stuff done. Yes!? OK then here’s how you do it.


First you need to decide how early you want to get there. Also work out what you will actually do once you get to work to pass the time as well. Time is money so there is no reason to plan on the fly when you can plan in advance. The Art of Personal Time Management is all about moving step by step.


Plans are subject to changing. Its true, all plans you make can and will change in the future for whatever reason. You can have a plan A and B. And if the situation calls for it then whip out your trusty plan C. Whatever you do, you have to do something. So back to the example. You want to get to work early so you can get a running start on all your work. So here’s a way to sketch out your routine: Decide what to wear, pick it out and lay it out. What skills do you use at work? Now, what will boost or balance your skills for work..in advance? Make sure you plan to get enough sleep, maybe you want to get up within enough time to workout and then maybe eat before you start working or eat when you get to work. Most importantly you will absolutely want to leave your home early enough to get through traffic and into your office smoothly and safely.


As you visualize the potential of accomplishing this. Take a good guess on how much time it will take you to do it. Remember you can always revert to one of your secondary plans B or C, if you need to. But what exactly is a routine anyway? Let’s see it how it’s defined: Routine: A sequence of actions regularly followed; a fixed program. Other ways to describe what a routine is: regular – ordinary – usual – customary – everyday.

At first, it may seem boring and uneventful to get into a routine. But trust me it’s just the opposite of that. It takes great determination to get to the next level in life. And your routine is one way to revolutionize your efforts to getting things done thus getting to the top of your game faster than ever before!


One last tip i want to mention about routines is that your brain is ONLY needed to process why, how to do something and how long it will take to get to get to the next level in your life or project. See once you start your routine and after you allow your brain to do its processing work you can safely ignore it while you’re following your already ‘well thought out’ time management system. Don’t get caught up in the details. Move on swiftly to finishing exactly what you started.


The problem that most people run into when they re-think decisions they have already made and entertain the thought to do something different from their original agenda. We all know our brain is just a tool to process information and carry out micro detailed super-duper important bodily processes.


The problem with thinking about the already- well- thought- out- plan is stopping what one had started. If you stop a routine you may just fall back to the point you started from. So don’t stop without a damn good reason, in fact don’t stop at all..just pause if you need to for a day or so. Planning is a life-long skill that you will always benefit from! Don’t let your dreams fall through the cracks just because the body or brain doesn’t want to complete or do something we want it to do. You Don’t have to follow your thoughts, EVER.


If we want the ultimate success for us, we have to follow through no matter what it takes to get there! Let me ask you one more question…You trust yourself don’t you? I know you said yes, so I’ll say this: If you trust yourself then trust your freakin decisions and respect them to the utmost. Be steadfast! You deserve the best! So give love to yourself by staying focused. If you want it all, you have to give it your all. Bliss and balance to you. What are some struggles you’ve had while trying to stay on your routine, time management game? Please share your thoughts and experiences. Thank you, now go forth and get it done already 🙂


Get Inspired, Be Creative Successfully! No matter what!

Unlocking the Mysteries of Creativity

Creativity is a challenge to maintain for some people. What inspires you? Tapping into your inner power can be a slow process sometimes. No matter what it takes for you to get into the creative zone, you can go there faster when you learn to instantly turn it on! No doubt, energy is needed for creativity to exist. However,  it also takes regular practice to maintain the natural rhythm of joyously moving through an idea then onto a project then to repeat the process again and again. If all that’s not enough, It takes even more energy to see projects to the finish line too. No worries you can definitely do this.

Do You Have What It Takes?

Let’s break down a few ways to catch this stuff (creativity) that can’t be bottled or even sold in a store- Well, I’ll share a few tips that i’ve learned from being pretty crafty in my life but also how others keep the good vibes flowing daily. Before i get to that, its important for you to have some guts. The way i have managed to have the guts to start a project is to know that i am special in some way. You should also know that you are special. There is something about you that no one else has. Trust me! You should also remember that people want to see and hear from you. I know this might sound like i’m handing you a handfull of mess. Trust me i’m not here to do that. I’m speaking from my heart on this.

Ignore the Fear, Its Not Even Real

I went from having a jewelry-making, crocheting, catering etc, etc business to writing fulltime. Why? because i love to express myself through writing more than any other way. That’s how i discovered my passion. I had to experience life and try a few things. With time we all can discover our passions. Think about what you enjoy. Your dreams are bigger than your doubt. Studies show the number one thing that most people run into is FEAR. The funny thing is that, fear isn’t even real. At least not like we think it is anyway. According to The Chinese 5 Organ System, fear is an energy problem kinda thing. When we eat, drink and think harmoniously in a way that is good for us. When we are balanced emotionally and physically we can do so much more. I say that because everyone can’t eat the same things and be a success. I live by this: You are what you think, drink, eat and imagine.

Ready, Set Go!

The key to moving into a state of action instead of repeated procrastination is to discover what YOU enjoy. I know it sounds too good to be true! I know you may have heard this line before but Its a fairly simple thing to do. The easiest part about searching for your passion can be found in only one place… That place is within you. How can  you find what you don’t know yet? You have to brainstorm, write a list, type a list. You also have to take a risk. Even if you write down exactly what you want to do then schedule a time to do it, you’re taking a risk. Don’t allow the word risk to run you away. Risks are so good for you. Get moving. Sure you may make some mistakes along the way. All of us make mistakes. The only way to make them is to try. Since you need experience to know whether something is for you or not…There is no other way to know unless you know. Again get moving:-). I’ll throw in a disclaimer here: Risks that i’m speaking of are safe for your mind, body and spirit. Any questions about this please leave a comment. Now let’s get back to business here!

If You Want It You Can Have It!

If you want the CREATIVE thing to blossom in your life you gotta get down and dirty with your ideas. Action is what it takes to make anything happen. Projects all start out as well- thought- out ideas. So yea, waiting does have it’s place but Stagnation will only have us waiting for success. All creative efforts started somewhere. Nothing just shows up out of nowhere and fully functional without some creative spirit and drive for something more.  That’s a half truth, i say that because of this: We all have talents to do a great things in our lives. However some choose to do great things on a smaller scale than others. There is choice involved here. The difference between someone with creative energy and one without it is the choice to use it and or cultivate it. There are so many reasons  to cultivate your very own creative skill set. Let’s not talk about all the amazing fun you can have with coming up with ideas! So i’m with you on this. I get why you want to have the power to create at will.

Did someone say “I wish”?

Why wish for what you already have? Contrary to popular opinion, there is a seed of thousands of talents in each one of us that can be nurtured to the point where when we can have the creative flow or any other skill we need, when we want it. That’s right my friend. It is the desire to DO that makes everything grow within us. The more passionate you are about bringing forth a skill or a talent to do something, the more the seed within you grows from your constant energetic watering of it.

The Way I Cultivate My Creative Talent

There is one word to describe it, but i will tell you a story first. OK, so i wanted to learn the art of crocheting which (uses 1 needle) , no its not knitting;  Which uses (2 needles). I used to day dream about taking yarn with me to coffeeshops and chatting with my friends as i created lovely pieces of fabric by hand. No one could tell me that crocheting wasn’t the hottest thing around. To me it was and that’s all that mattered. If someone had something to say about my goal to be a crocheter…I was so focused on my dreams to crochet that i wouldn’t of noticed anything other than what i wanted to hear at that time. So all i did was visualize making stuff. It didn’t matter what i was creating in my mind but i was always moving my hands ‘mentally speaking’.

One day i had an idea to sit in meditation with my crochet needles and yarn with a crochet video with my eyes closed. I figured i should work out how to crochet mentally first then, my body will automatically do what i want. That night, i stayed up pretty late but something said, Sereda turn on the video to try again. So i did. In about 30 minutes i knew 5 stitches that enable me to crochet proficiently. But also to follow a pretty good pattern. I was blown away at the results of simply meditating and pretending i was actually crocheting.

The proof is there. I know visualization works, because its the only way i learned how to crochet. Sure i had a video that showed how to crochet but i don’t learn how to do creative things by watching videos. I learn from doing things hands on. My body wasn’t moving the way i wanted it to. I am convinced that without taking my time to first get into a whole new mindset about learning to crochet, i would not have learned. Yes, i took a class at a craft store before but the teacher was not teaching in way that i enjoyed. So i set out for an alternative method.

After i learned to crochet i made handbags, accessories,  clothes, jewelry by hundreds. The most wonderful thing about the entire experience is that i loved what i did and i made money off of it too. Truthfully i only made money Well after i learned how to make hats without holes in them. After i learned the art of getting my stitches right. Haa..i had a blast. Now that you know my story let me get back to the point i was making.

Go forth!

Visualize! Sounds easy i know, that’s because it is freakin easy! Whatever you want to do: Write it down, list some ways that you can learn how to do what you want to do. Then cultivate your skill in healthy ways that support your goal.

Need some creative energy cultivation ideas? 

Do yoga, deep breathing, run, walk, watch a movie, laugh with friends, start a group, write about it, sing, dance, read about it, watch videos, blog about your learning process and again, Visualize it.

Creative Defined.

The word creative means:

Relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas, esp. in the production of an artistic work: “creative writing“. (Dictionary.com)

Here’s a cute video to inspire your efforts. Happy creative cultivating! 

Law Of Attraction Testimonials

Comment: Don’t sleep on vision boards…they work! 

Response: SO TRUE!!! I made a vision board last year and half of the things I put my mind to or on the board happened for me!!! In a matter of months! Whatever you put into the universe will definitely come back to you! 🙂 Making a new one for 2012!


This is something that I used to do..when I first found out about law of attraction. On one side of the paper I would say I wanted something… An example of something that I said that worked. I said Universe I want a part time job that doesn’t have me working on the weekends that is in my field( early childhood education), and is near all the bus lines or something better now. On the other sideof it I wrote I work part time with no weekends in my field and all the bus lines go past my job or something better now. So I wrote it in present tense like yes I have it but allowing the universe to give me extra by putting “or something better now” I ended up getting a job that was downtown working with abused children…worked part time no weekends..not even on Fridays and all the bus lines went into that area ♥


Kind of a testimonial.. one day I was walking home from school (in college) and I said money is really needed money is rightfully mine, money come at the present time, money must come for my problems and troubles to cease money must come for my mind to be at peace. No faster than I finished saying that..this guy comes out of nowhere and damn near runs me over with his bike.. and as I look down..20 dollars appeared!


wow…it’s a long story but here goes…I have had “stinkin thinkin” in regards to my relationship, my children, my career, money, my appearance etc….I got depressed and discouraged….THEN…I really made a point to intentionally think on good things, what I wanted and NOT what I thought I had…this group has been a BLESSING!!!! So I “focused” and began to read the various posts and affirmations, I would write down what I want on index cards a carry them even to bed and the shower. I also said how grateful I am for having these things…I started to youtube some of Abraham Hicks videos etc etc. because I hit a major inspirational roadblock in my relationship. My significant other and I had been very disconnected and I felt like because this is an area that has always derailed me in the past I would “focus” on it. Nothing changed…it got worse. Then I asked for the air to just be cleared and I was even willing to move out. Yesterday I guess a friend of mine sensed something was wrong and asked if she should come over for a “pow-wow”…she did…we came to the conclusion that I need to be loving ME how I desire to be loved. I need to focus on what I want and even make a short/longterm goal list. As we were talking, my BF interjected (which is NOT like him) and for the next four hours she mediated a “relationsip cleansing session”…now what does that have to do with my career? Well his biggest issue with me was a financial one…he wants to see me doing well and being prosperous and making ME happy because he feels that I have lost my FOCUS etc. etc….(among other things) So I made my list and exactly what i want and I have gotten calls all day for business (I am a licensed Nail Technician with a mobile nailcare service)…I feel like my emotional cleansing…re-focusing…support

of you all (whether you knew it or not)… the law of attraction – my purposeful thinking and visualization and everything else has unblocked my ability to manifest the goodness I was desiring…and the funny thing is that this is all very new to me and I don’t know if I understand it completely…but it’s changing my life… – blessings and thank you for listening! ♥


ok the work from last night is working..i saw some signs of that today..wanna hear more? ok here it is: was on the train today, before i got on the train i asked a sista a question then something said ask the brotha next. so i asked him what direction he was going and how long had he been waitin; since it was so chilly outside this morning. i also asked him, when the train would show up. we ended up chit chatting and he needed some health advice, motivation etc. he knew someone who i needed to get with for something i’ve been looking for when i go out of town..he said the guy is his best friend..i was like WOW really?! yes, he said. sooo then he said the guys phone was off and he would call him and pass my information on whenever his phone came back on. i said ok..then to top that, he carries my bag on the train to the block not far from my home and when he got home he called me and said he already got in touch with his best friend faster for me because he wanted to help me and his best friend would call me monday. he thanked me for being so kind.and i told him if i get to work with his best friend i will do some healing work for him free… thats ♥ the law of attraction is live and kicking!


So today I’m on the bus wet angry and smushed (the early bus never came the I was on was way beyond capacity..) I’m thinking of all the reasons Im mad and feeling self righteous in my anger..then I thought why not think of things that are positive and what you want.. So I get to work and the line to get in.the building is almost out the door…so now I’m late..LOL…I’m not a patient person..so now I’m..surprisingly calm…I figure this must be an exercise in teaching me peace and patience. When I thought about what I could focus on to be positive I thought of this group..thank you, you.guys are rubbing off on me.


I was meaning to share this sooner. Many more great things have happened since, but here’s an except that’s ready to go.

I was getting ready to head out and start my day. After careful deliberation of what to eat, and going with the better choice of fruit, nuts, water and green tea as opposed to a pattie from the caribbean store I walked to the light rail. I left my home feeling and looking my best, asking God to fill me where I feel empty and show me the way.

There was a lady who had a pleasant spirit and we struck up a conversation about her stray cats that she feeds. When I asked her if she was as kind to people as she was to her cats, she said yes and I believed her. She was such a giver, she even gave her drugs away when she was an addict…15yrs in recovery now.

She said I looked like I did really good, kind unique things and asked what I did and I didn’t really know what to say because my life is in a transitional space. I now where I’m going, but the intermediate path has been very blurry.

On the train, out of no where..she told me she saw me making genius sculptures, and I had on the beautiful funky african clothes with long locks doing good things in the world.

This is exactly how I see myself in the future, and a year ago a friend gave me a intuitive reading saying the same thing.

So this must be Gods way of telling me I’m on track.


The LOA works. I made a decision, before I started focusing on some particular thing that I wanted to manifest in my life, that I was gonna just become acclimated to the idea of universal abundance. I began by repeating certain affirmations (some from a LOA group) that helped to attune me to a higher frequency. I practiced (and still practice) being aware of my thoughts and emotions because I feel that needed to be mastered to some degree so I will be prepared for my desires manifesting. It has been a few months of concerted effort, but it’s beginning to pay off. My son’s father, who owes about $20,000 in child support arrears, began paying again. I’m in the process of writing my next book. Yes, I said next. I’m a published author, but that book was written by a woman who lacked the confidence to even promote her own book. To make a really long story really short, I am thankful that my journey brought me to this place. From here, the Universe is the limit… which is limitless… so… yeah… 🙂


It’s SPA TIME! Yummy Facials In The Kitchen

Ladies and Gentlemen get your grocery list ready. It’s on!



We can learn a great deal from the past! We have all seen the beautiful skin of men and women from back in the day. I’m talking about 30 years ago and before then. Take a look at almost any photograph of that period. Their skin was like buttah. That was a long time ago but we can bring the goodness back.


Truth is, our skin IS like buttah too when we take care of it right. Most people of this information age never learned how detrimental eating processed and fast foods are to their entire physical make up.


To heal your skin overnight start here:













My mother used to tell me and my sisters to use natural things on our skin. To keep up clear skin usually requires a dual effort. You can clean skin on the outside, but for skin to stay clear the inside of the body needs to be cleansed too.


The kitchen isn’t just for preparing or cooking food anymore. Now you can get a beauty treatment at home. Sure it’s not the relaxing spa. That’s alright, look on the bright side: We can get fly in the kitchen!


After careful review of the most delicious ways to take care of the skin I have answers. Plus many of these have been tried and tested by me or people I know.


The best facials use all mineral, plant and vegetable sources. All benefits and no side effects is what a facial or skin treatment should be. However there are so many man-made products with chemicals in them that i will not waste time listing them. Just know, if you cannot read the labels there may be chemicals in it! If you plan on using these lab created products, you better make sure your skin is like resistant to junk.



Amazingly enough, Mother nature has thought of everything. All we need to take care of us and our families can be found in nature. All 100% Raw plant sources have a purpose. These magical gifts from nature also have the power to soothe or renew skin problems for ex: acne, oily skin, dry skin and skin discoloration to name a few.


Yummy Facials


*First: Wash your face with a vegetarian or vegan face wash. Alternately you can use coconut oil or olive. Rinse all fruit and vegetables before use, Avoid getting them into your eyes.  Leave masks on for 15 minutes to an hour, then rinse off with lukewarm water then splash face with cold water.


Oatmeal Apple Honey mask~

Great for Combination, dry or sensitive.

Mask Benefits: Use a slice of an apple, blend (overnight soaked) oat groats, rinse oats in filtered water, take a small amount of oats and add honey (1 Teaspoon), add enough water to blender to mix all the ingredients together. Then put some in your hands and apply to your face.



Tomato Lemon mask~

Great for oily skin!

Mask Benefits: Is great for healing large pores. This mask is good for oily skin. You need one tomato and one lemon. First, mash one small tomato. Add a bit of lemon peel and one teaspoon of lemon juice. Apply to skin.



Avocado mask~

Great for Combination, oily, dry or sensitive.

Skin Benefits: Hydrates, renews, improve your skin texture, strong acne treatment (known to cure acne), deep cleans the skin. Mash 1 Tablespoon of an avocado and apply to skin. Repeat for 1 week.



Honey Banana mask~

Great for Combination, oily, dry or sensitive skin. 

Mask Benefits: Natural toner,  anti-acne, moisturizing, exfoliation, anti-aging, sunburn aid. Mash banana, using the back of a fork, and then add honey.  Stir to mix well. Apply to face.



Lemon Cucumber mask~

Great for Oily skin

Mask Benefits: Combats acne. Kills the bacteria. Dries up oily skin, shrinks pores. Balances PH levels. Brightens skin, Fades blemishes. Slice lemon and cucumber. Apply lemon & cucumber on face.




What Is A Vision Board?


Vision Boards Are Awesome!


A vision board is a pictorial (visual) representation of your goals and aspirations. Vision boards are easy to make! There are many ways to make a vision board. Some people create a virtual vision board on their cell phones. Some people make a vision board on their computer. The idea of a visual board is to collage words and visual items that will stimulate you in a positive way. This special board is also a way for one to remember what their goals and aspirations are. When a person looks at their vision board they are energizing all they desire in their life.

The Law of Attraction and this visual tool work together very well. The way The Law of Attraction works is: What you focus on the most with the most passion and intention will manifest in your life. Basically it is ‘Like Attracts Like‘ .

After i saw the concept of this board. I made one myself. The idea of visual stimulation with a snapshot of what i wanted to see in my life instantly made sense! Anyway, Here is how you can make your own! The beautiful thing is it takes only a few materials to construct your very own board:



1. Foam board or Poster board

2. Scissors

3. Magazine clippings or Photographs

4. Glue or Tape

5. Markers



How To Make A Vision Board:

1. Feel good! No need to create a vision board if you are not joyful about life and the process of creating more of it in your life. I listen to music, dance, sing, meditate or call friends over so we can make it a party and work on our boards together.


2. Choose images from the computer, internet, magazines or digital camera.


3. Write your goals on paper first. I find this to be the easiest way to decide what you want to manifest. This list of goals will help you with choosing photos and words for your vision board.


4. Search for photos and words or sentences that match the goals on your list. Search for photos where ever you prefer. Tip: Choose photos that make you feel warm, joyful, fulfilled when you look at them.


5. Take the photos you have collected and begin to add a small amount of tape or glue to the backs of the photos if you chose magazine clippings (my favorite) or random old photos or printed pictures off of your computer or the internet.


6. Paste the photos on the board one by one or two by two. Write energizing, action oriented words to the board with your marker if you need to. Then, add the printed words and sentences you found on the side, top or on the bottom of the photo clippings that are now pasted on your board. There is no wrong way to create your vision board. Be creative. But get it done!


7. Put your vision board in your bed room, or anywhere in your living space where you will spend a lot of time. Stand in front of and smile when you want to. Look at your board and imagine your life with all that you want in it. See the visual of having your desired goals in the present tense ‘NOW’ enjoy it. Savor the sights. Repeat several times a day and throughout the month.


Kantabole Kundalini Reiki


Energetically KKR is cool, watery, and very versitile as well. How i found Kantabole Kundalini Reiki or how it found me.. Originally I was guided to record strange symbols and to change the name of what I had learned from traditional Reiki to something called Kantabole Kundalini Reiki. I
began my path as a healer in some form or fashion for about 11 years now, in this lifetime.

However, around 4 years ago I trained with a Traditional Reiki master teacher who initiated me into Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki too. Afterwards, received certification levels 1, 2 and level 3 in Karuna Reiki then a few years later, i was initiated as a Usui Reiki master.A bit Later i was initiated into Sekhem Seichim Reiki and continued to recall my history as a Shamanic healer as well.

As an initiated Kametic Priestess who came to earth to assist others in healing themselves and others, I’m a
guide here to assist in the process of bringing balance to this planet. Before I had any training with energy work, I remember having repeated visions of me showing others how to heal themselves with their hands, After I researched energy work overall and its many benefits decided I
would teach others this magical work when I was ok with my teaching abilities in this healing art. Soon after teaching Reiki and other classes, i began to meditate more and I incorporated Pranayam, Kundalini Yoga and Qi Gong into my regimen daily.

Not long after that I received incite on Kantabole. I figured the messages that came to me were from my Ancestral guides and must have come to me as a result of me cultivating a higher vibrational frequency in my body. When the messages came about this other ancient type of Reiki, I was completely ready for everything that came with knowledge of it. Kantabole has its origins in Kamit which is another name for what we call Egypt today. This type of energy work raises and generates kundalini fire very high during a session. Which offers a practicioner the option to significantly boost the Reiki sessions. For more information on Reiki Attunements or Energy work, please leave a comment. Thank you.

The History and Origin of Reiki

The Story of Usui Reiki

Mikao Usui 臼井甕男 (1865–1926)
Cymraeg: Llun o Chujiro Hayashi English: Pictu...

Mikao Gyoho, is the founder of the system of natural healing referred to as Reiki. He took the last name of Usui when he received the Gift of Reiki. He was born on August 15th, 1865, in the village of Yago, which is in the Yamgata district of the Gifu prefecture in southern Japan. Mikao took the last name of “Usui ” when he became a teacher, a sensei, of his natural healing system.

Other genealogical information known about the origins of this man is currently limited to what is written on his memorial stone, located at the Saihoji Temple in the Toyotama district of Tokyo. The inscription upon the
stone is written in Old Japanese and was translated into Modern Japanese by Masano Kobayashi, and then into English by Frank Arjava Petter , author of “Reiki Fire ” and Sapporo Petter.

The information is as follows: “His ancestor’s name is Tsunetane Chiba. His father’s name was Uzaemon. His mother’s family name was Kawaai. ” Also on the stone was this information: “Dr. Usui had a wife named
Sadakko; her maiden name was Suzuki. They had a son and a daughter. The son, Fuji Usui took over the family business after Dr. Usui’s passing. ” It is not known what the family business was. It is known that his son did not take over the Reiki organization that Dr. Mikao Usui started. Mikao
Usui passed away on March 9th, 1926, of a fatal stroke at the age of 61.

The story of Reiki that has come out of Japan in recent years begins with Dr. Usui’s failed business. We do not know what that business was, only that it failed. While this failure left him in great debt, it also left him with a great desire for something more than just material gain.On Dr. Usui’s memorial stone is carved the following statement: “One day
he went to Mount Kurama on a 21-day retreat to fast and meditate. At the end of this period he suddenly felt the great Reiki energy at the top of his head, which led to the Reiki healing system. ” This would give credibility to this part of Takata‘s history. According to his memorial stone: “He opened a clinic in Harajuku, Aoyama, Tokyo in April of 1921. He not only gave treatments to countless patients, some of whom had come from far and wide, but he
also hosted workshops to spread his knowledge. ” There is no mention of healing the beggars and then opening up a “for-pay” clinic or school.

What is mentioned on the memorial stone and what might be the roots of Takata’s history claiming that Dr. Usui first gave Reiki away to the beggars, are these statements: “In September of 1923, the devastating Kanto earthquake struck Tokyo. Thousands were killed, injured, or became sick in its aftermath. Dr. Usui grieved for his people, but he also took Reiki to the devastated city and used its healing powers on the surviving victims.

His fame as a healer having spread, Dr. Usui’s clinic overflowed with people wanting treatments and training. He opened another clinic in Tokyo in February of 1924. Invitations to other areas to teach and treat poured in. Dr.
Usui traveled and taught throughout Japan. During his stay in Fukuyama, he suffered a fatal stroke. This was March 9th, 1926. His memorial stone states that he taught Reiki to over 2000 people and yet he taught for only five years. What a hard worker. Reiki is a wonderful gift. Soon i’ll post another type of Reiki from another lineage.

What If You Were Psychically Open Since Birth?…


 What Does It Mean To Be Psychically Open?


I am in my office writing an article. Just as i’m about to finish the last part…The phone rings. I notice the name on the caller id, stop writing to answer the phone. In my head i am thinking about the vibration i feel from the person. I do a  quick reading while holding the phone on my shoulder to see how i should handle this situation with my client. This client has been out of touch. They seemed to have come back to life when i was working with them in the past but after 9 months they went back to where they were. This person did not stop doing all the harmful things right after i started working with them. However they made some huge changes. They had many awakenings, in the daytime and at night during their dreams. i will explain what awakenings are shortly.



On the other end on the line is a dear client who tells me they have been too depressed to leave their home. They do not sound depressed as they explain their multiple  experiences they have had during their unending depression. I listen silently. Intently. My intuition picked up on their challenges instantly. As i listened i heard about 7 key things that told me what i needed to know to assist my client with their situation.

1. They say they’ve been hearing voices.

2. Have not eaten the way they should be eating.

3. They have been having so many vivid dreams.

4. Sometimes they have thoughts about wanting to die

5. They pop pills to hide from reality

6. They speak about other people in the home being a problem.

7. They stopped bathing regularly



After the last part there was not much silence. I spoke immediately. What have you been focusing on during this time of depression i asked? They said nothing but making money. I knew that was not true. Psychics can see beyond mere worlds people say, if we choose to. I asked the question again with a couple other questions. At first they did not give the answer that i was looking for. Then after a few minutes they came with the truth. They said they were going through a rough time. As i sat on the other end other end of the line there was no doubt about that. Their aura felt heavy, dark and cold. I knew there was warmth in their heart though. That i could feel it. I smiled before i spoke again.


From the start of the phone call…They were intent on telling me a story that came to them in their dream state. I listened. The dream showed exactly what needed to happen to erupt this person from their challenge. This was not a scheduled session so i cut straight to the chase. I knew this client for years. Pass lifetimes even. We have a great connection. I knew what they were about to say. I stopped them.


I started off…”Listen, you have energy problems. Let me tell you what is going to bring you success here: 1st of all, if you know you have a problem with being joyful, happy motivated. What should you do?” I asked if they had a plan to stop the constant cycles of depression in their life. They said no, they did not. If you want to stop this you need a plan! A regime would do wonders for you. You have to take charge of your life. Now i understand what the ‘people’ have told you but YOU have the power. You are choosing this life. Are you not? When i asked that question they admitted to not really trying. (We had been here before)


I spoke again, you need positive things honey. You have to surround yourself with life. If not you will not remember your goal to stop choosing to be down in the dumps. They started speaking about someone else who is tired of them looking a mess. I stopped them- “Look honey you have a choice, do you not?”  You can be around whomever you desire to. This is up to you. Not them.


I know you have thoughts coming to you all day. your nervous system is very sensitive. You have to stay on point with things that make you feel good. Your thoughts are coming from a sick body, they will sabotage your efforts. We all have to IGNORE thoughts that do not suit us. That is your challenge. We know you are open psychically, now what are you going to do about it. You have a gift. But you have to nurture it or it can turn into a nightmare for you. I change you to sit down and write a list of how your day is GOING to look. you hold the key! Then i want you to listen to things that keep you on point all day with sticking to your mission. Look all you need is 21 days! Then the new routine will become a habit.


What should you be listening to as someone who is psychically open? For one, listen to music, lectures all things that motivate and inspire you to do whatever you want to be or do. You should be listening to stuff like that daily. Meditation music, uplifting, inspiring. Motivational speakers that specialize in the field of study you want to get into or grow more confident in.



This story is a story i shared because there are other people in the world who share this experience. The issue with this is: People are being told THEY are not in control of their lives 100% of the time. As a healer i have a sense for motivating people to do their best. Obstacles are always in our lives but they question is: What are we going to do to clear them up. I AM SOLUTION ORIENTED 100% of the time. Back to the story.


There are people in the world who believe they have a problem, or that something is permenently wrong with them. There is viable information that most people need to know. If they knew the truth about their bodies and brains they would be able to do so much more in life.


The world we live in is far more than most know. As a whole we all do things together. There is one connection we each are a part of that oneness. For instance we all breathe together plus we share the same air too! This has been happening since forever. Also, when we yawn, other people yawn directly after us, or the other way around. Cats and dogs yawn too. It’s funny dogs and cats actually yawn before or after people do. Its a divine chain reaction. The World we live in is a strange world some would say.


The same way we share oxygen, we share thoughts as well. What my client is having is a major energy shift in her life. Everything she is going through is nessesary for her to evaluate her life and make a choice. She is at a crossroads. That’s all it is. How many times have we all been at one of those. I’ll answer that for you! It’s been Several times in our lives. We go through life learning lessons during our life to grow, evolve and transform.


Here are some key things that can HINDER us from having a balanced nervous system:


1. Using DRUGS of ALL OF ALL KINDS including alcohol & weed too.

2. Not getting 7- 8 hours of quality sleep per night.

3. Eating an greasy, fried, over salted & cooked, super sugar unhealthy diet.

4. Watching to much television

5. Unbalanced, unclean environment

6. No game plan


Women, men and children are born sometimes with very sensitive nervous systems. This happens all the time. What types of things happen when someone is open in this way? Well, they can be pursuaded to do something without words. they can be pulled to do something through thoughts and energy alone. No one ever taught them (Pranayama)  deep breathing, Meditation, Qi Gong, Tai Qi and yoga exercises to assist them in balancing out their life force energy so they can then live joyfully with mastery of their body. Once everyone is taught such things, the world will be a brand new place. Most people have a thought come to them, they assume its their thought. Often it is not, what kinds of things have people done as a result of not knowing that energy is a thoughts. Energy comes before words do. Always has.



This is why the Law of Attraction we say you have to ignore thoughts that do not serve to push you further. You must feel good and you must have a plan! A psychically open man woman or child can learn much from understanding how to work: The Law of Attraction in their life. You also need to find a metaphysician who is experienced with balancing the life force. I wrote this because my life was all about this. One day i learned to take hold of my life with doing certain inner and outer work. I have been outstanding ever since! Read more on my story here: About Me


Last comment: The details of this story have been changed so no ones personal story is shared with the world. Permission was given to share it though. But i have a strict rule of privacy with my clients.



Every painful thing is an invitation to healing. An opportunity for learning how to L ♥ V E

So many people seem so confused about human interaction, emotions, and especially love. I often feel like I am from another planet. And I ’m watching people play the game of the lie, calling it “love, ”destroying each other, blaming each other for being destroyed, and then moving on to the next victim.

It is a wonder anyone is still standing! So many people seem to buzz from one person to the next within seconds of something not fitting into some preconceived notion of an ideal mate, rarely stopping to consider their own part in the interaction, or of how they created just the thing which they now see. So much blaming, not enough owning up to oneself.

Or unwillingness to look at the “eye of the beholder. ”Not enough willingness to get our hands dirty, to do the work. We hope that somehow if we play the numbers game long enough we will fall —quite by accident or simply by being deserving —into a relationship in which we find everything we ever dreamed of. And hope it will then just be a matter of sitting back and relaxing into the sunset.

Wake up, people —LOVE TAKES WORK! In fact, a good definition of real love might be that it is the opposite of laziness. You cannot expect to find genuine love which does not ask you to rise to the occasion and be everything of which you are capable (and to extend yourself *way* beyond what you thought your self capable). This is absolutely fundamental to real love.

As opposed to a capitalist game (tempting scenario to believe in, as we are immersed in capitalism) which is more like: I go shopping, I buy (using my lifetime of accumulated assets to secure the purchase) a mate (whose label looks good, whose consumer reports are good), and then I simply enjoy him/her when convenient or as needed, until I use him/her up or I realize the label was inaccurate, and then buy another (hopefully better) model. Can anyone see there is a problem here? People are not products, duh!

Not only are people not products, but they defy description, labels, etc. They are magical. They change with the way you look at them. They grow bigger or smaller depending on how you move. They show different facets under different light. They are simultaneously solid, ethereal, metaphysical, chemical, crystalline, animal, dream, intellect, seas of emotion, histories, tangles, light, particles, waves, and more. Each one of us is more vast and complicated than anything we ’d ever read about in all the books ever written. You know this in your heart. So why not behave accordingly? Why not live the truth of this?

LOVE IS A BIG FAT WAKE-UP CALL! It shines a blazing light upon all the places where you are messed up. To the person who is asleep, this can be very painful. Even if you ’re awake, painful, too. Especially as it asks us to open our eyes and *really* look at ourselves, and then love ourselves most of all. And we ’ve all been trained with big sticks and subtle jibes that we are not very lovable. That who we are does not really matter. Only what we appear to be. So we stop looking at the parts of ourselves which aren ’t “fit for consumption.

”We alienate these parts and hope they will go away. That no one will notice. And believe that if the world *really* knew us, it would find us lacking. Messy. Untamed. Because the world is full of people who are as hurt and unloved and ashamed and confused and asleep as we all are.

If love is a language, we humans are only just learning to spell. If you are ready to learn to love, then EVERY PAINFUL THING IS AN INVITATION TO HEALING. AN OPPORTUNITY FOR LEARNING HOW TO LOVE. And while we may find a relationship which makes us feel “comfortable ”or is “exciting ”(but which leaves us ultimately feeling empty, give it a week, a month, or 20 years), this is not what the deepest parts of us long for. We desire true love —that thing which heals all the places we are broken and then allows us to be every thing we dream that we are. We Are!

Another good definition of love might be that it is the opposite of fear (or love is letting go of fear, to use a clich é).

If you are afraid of someone else ’s dark side, or if your own dark side (translation: baggage), or indeed deny that you/they have any, it will be virtually impossible for you to truly love someone —the real them/you. Everyone has baggage. Even if you grew up in the Brady Bunch and never left the set, you will have had experiences which hurt you, and scars and bizarre coping methods to show for it. You cannot have lived without being hurt by others, institutions, yourself, the nature of existence, the reality of loss/death/impermanence.

The size and quantity of your baggage may even be proportional to the extent to which you allowed yourself to be alive. And to have been engaged in truly exploring what it means to be a living Being.

If you played it safe to the point of being able to control all of the variables in your environment to eliminate pain, then *maybe* you escaped the inevitable scuffed knee or broken bone. But life has a way of seeking you out even though you might be hiding from it. So sooner or later, baggage will accumulate. Perhaps you have *way* more than you care to examine.

Of course, what people probably mean by this phrase “no baggage ”means, how well do you keep it hidden? Or how good at hiding it are your various addictions (to caffeine or alcohol or Prozac, to TV, to busy-ness/business, to self-help books, to endless seeking and grasping, denial, etc.). Or perhaps, what kind of a man/woman are you at dealing with it? The nature of your character. Can you carry it or not?

And we so much want to judge a man by how he walks. Heaven forbid we were to walk a mile in his shoes. We ’d certainly crumble. LOVE IS ABOUT COMPASSION. It sees the noble struggle in every person walking. There are hidden parts in all of us, which —if you ’d only care to look —explain every shade of lameness.

Love is all around us, but we must have courage and relearn skills which have been kicked out of us, to be able to access the powers love gives to us.

Though you may have plenty of chemistry with another person, or even benefit greatly from the gifts which they bring you, love is not about taking all you can get. Or using another person to fill a hole in yourself. Love is about being everything you were born to be (loving yourself) and putting that outside of yourself (giving the gift), sharing it with others. LOVE IS BEING FREE TO GIVE, BECAUSE YOU KNOW YOURSELF TO BE AN OVERFLOWING AND BOTTOMLESS SOURCE WHICH CANNOT BE DEPLETED BY THE GIVING.

Love is also about being able to hold all the broken parts of another person in a space of safety. Saying through words and deeds that you love them —ALL of them —(including things which are ugly or frightened or hurting). LOVE DOES NOT WALK AWAY OR CLOSE THE DOOR. Love does not punish or abandon another for the sake of self or grasping of the ego. For the short-term gain. Love is not a garnish for our pride. Or a prize for our achievements. Or a protector which keeps us from looking at ourselves or the realities of our existence on earth.

Love does not ask another person to do more than it is prepared to do itself. Love has compassion for the pain of another. Love is the intention and the will behind offering support. It shows up when it doesn ’t want to. Most of all when it does not want to. (Commitment phobics need not apply). It sticks with things/people even when it ’s rough. It struggles to break through the bullshit. It has faith that there is a good thing behind the bullshit. And suspends its disbelief in the face of appearances to the contrary. LOVE KNOWS AND UNDERSTANDS THAT ULTIMATELY, LOVE IS THE ONLY THING THAT IS REAL.

Love is not a game of commodities where we buy and sell our good traits, hide or cut off our bad parts. LOVE IS ABOUT MEETING ANOTHER PERSON EXACTLY WHERE THEY ARE, SEEING THEM IN ALL THEIR IMPERFECTION, AND LOVING THEM ANYWAY. Even loving those imperfections more than the shining parts sometimes, because they are often sacred wounds. Or battle scars which show the immense courage of having taken on the world, and the willingness to keep on walking even though there is fear and hurting around every corner.

LOVE IS LEARNING TO FORGIVE A HUNDRED TIMES, YET KNOWING ULTIMATELY THERE IS NOTHING TO FORGIVE, only the illusion of the need to do so (for the smaller parts of ourselves).

Let ’s all give each other a break! This life is hard. We all struggle. WE ARE ALL LEARNING. We all make a hundred mistakes a day through our actions and inactions. We are all struggling to do the best we can against our own personal demons and despite our fears and hurting parts.

We can pretend (to ourselves and to others) that we are above it all, that we have all the answers and look only for someone who agrees with us and can follow our rules, no matter how rigid and imprisoning they may be. But this is narcissism. It takes courage to bridge the gap between two worlds —or the gap between any two things. To stand in two worlds simultaneously and not drown takes faith. Takes everything you have to give in this world. Worth everything you have, too.

Love is a lot of work. If you aren ’t prepared to do the work, then you will be sure to attract similar people (and, I assume, have ultimately empty and unfulfilling relationships with them). Or, if you somehow stumble upon someone willing to do the work, you most surely will not recognize them. So prepare yourselves.

This is about being everything you came here to be. It isn ’t about winning the lottery and never having to work another day.

It is no small thing, this love thing.

I feel like I ’m from another planet with this. But my heart is my guide, and I trust it more than any vast contingent of earth people yelling to the contrary. Seeking contact with similar believers. Perhaps our words may sustain our hope. Perhaps I have touched something in you?

Learning to Love Your Self – The Greatest Love of All –

There’s an old adage that says in order to love someone else, you first have to love yourself. This is an important truth, but what does loving yourself really mean? Well, remember that the word “love” is a verb. So just as your actions show your love for someone else, it’s important to actively do things to love yourself.

Make a List of Things you Like About Yourself 

Sometimes we focus so much on what we’d like to change about ourselves that we actually forget there’s a lot to like as well. So take a few minutes and remind yourself of the positives you can be proud of. Think of physical attributes, mental or emotional strengths, successes you’ve experienced, the way you support your friends, or anything else. Make your list as long as possible, and then keep adding to it.

Ask Others to add to your List 

Go to the people you trust—a friend, a romantic partner, a therapist, a family member—and ask them what they’d list as your most positive characteristics. You may be surprised to find out that people see a lot more of your strengths than you realize.

Treat yourself like a Best Friend 

You know how you treat someone you really care about? The way you love and support that person and treat him or her with kindness and respect? Do that for yourself. And just as you’d challenge a close friend who’s making bad decisions with his or her life, challenge yourself as well. Just as you would for a good friend, remind yourself over and over again of your immense worth as an individual and that you deserve great things in your life. Challenge yourself to achieve the best life possible.

Pay Attention to your Needs and Desires 

This may sound a bit silly, but some people really don’t know what they want and need. They can go through their entire adult lives living only for others without stopping to ask the question “What do I want here?” or “What’s best for me?” One of the best ways to love yourself is simply to pay attention to what it is that you want and need—in your job, in your relationships, in your friendships, and in your whole life.

Protect Yourself 

When you love yourself, you’re much less willing to let someone take advantage of you or to have toxic people in your life. Refuse to be the kind of person who so desperately wants to be loved that they’ll put up with anything in a relationship. You’re worth more than that. Protect yourself from people who don’t have your best interest at heart, and choose not to allow yourself to be treated in unloving, disrespectful ways.

Listen to your Self-Talk 

Repeatedly calling yourself an idiot or a loser is one of the least loving things you can do for yourself. So today, right now, commit to making your self-talk positive. Maybe take the list of things you like about yourself and repeat some of those attributes as you move through the day. When you do make a mistake, be generous with yourself, and instead of telling yourself how stupid you were to lose your keys, just say, “Oh, well. It happens. Everyone loses things from time to time.” As you talk to yourself, don’t say anything you wouldn’t say to someone else you love.

Take care of your Body 

You don’t have to become a marathoner or a supermodel. But do your best to be healthy. Few of us eat exactly as we should or exercise as much as we ought to, so there’s no reason to beat yourself up over not being perfect. But taking small steps to take care of yourself physically is one of the best ways to show yourself love. By treating our bodies well, we send ourselves the message that we deserve good things.

Take Care of your Inner Life 

Don’t neglect your spirit. Slow down from time to time and pay attention to what’s going on within yourself, where you’ll find all kinds of reserves to draw on when you need strength and support. Taking the time to pray, meditate, connect with others, and read meaningful books can nourish our love for ourselves and enrich our lives in many ways.

Show yourself Compassion 

Be willing to forgive yourself, and be patient as you grow. All of us make mistakes, and we all have certain shortcomings that make it easy for us to get down on ourselves. But remind yourself that you’re only human. There’s no reason to expect perfection. When you make a mistake or notice something about yourself that you don’t like, don’t judge or harshly criticize yourself. Instead, be compassionate and remind yourself that you’re doing your best.

Live in the Now

This isn’t always easy to do, but one powerful way to love yourself is to focus your energy and attention on the present moment. Don’t dwell on the past, with all the painful regrets that might exist there. And let go of the future, with all its crippling concerns and anxieties. Then invest yourself in appreciating all the good in your life right now; pour yourself into the present moment and make the most of who you are right now.

Keep in mind that loving yourself isn’t selfish. Think of the heart, which pumps blood to itself first before sending blood out to the rest of the body. Similarly, the more loving you are to yourself, the more love you’ll be able to send out to the other people in your life—your family, your friends, and the people you date.

When you get right down to it, love’s not a feeling, it’s a decision. So make a choice right now to love yourself and to work on loving yourself more fully day after day.

The following positive affirmations focus specifically on self-love, to help you remove any limitations you may have to loving yourself.

Use these free affirmations regularly to assist you in improving this area of your life.

  • I am filled with light, love and peace
  • I treat myself with kindness and respect
  • I give myself permission to shine
  • I honor the best parts of myself and share them with others
  • I am proud of all I have accomplished
  • Today I give myself permission to be greater than my fears
  • I am my own best friend and cheerleader
  • I have many qualities, traits and talents that make me unique
  • I am a valuable human being
  • I love myself just the way I am
  • I love and forgive myself for any past mistakes
  • I look in the mirror and I love what I see
  • I recognize my many strengths

Try to do these affirmations every day. Consistency and conditioning of the affirmation is what makes the difference. You will not see results or changes immediately, but rest assured that if you wholeheartedly do the self love affirmations and believe in it, over time you will find yourself changing and becoming the person you want to be.

The changes happen little by little, in a very subtle way till one day you realize that you are ‘there’.

Sometimes we all go through certain phases in life which may be challenging. Though at the moment it may be painful, but ultimately it is a good opportunity for growth. The experience and the journey is just as important as reaching the destination. Just hang in there and you will be fine.

“You may only be one person to the world, but you may also be the world to one person.” – anonymous