Learning to Love Your Self – The Greatest Love of All –

There’s an old adage that says in order to love someone else, you first have to love yourself. This is an important truth, but what does loving yourself really mean? Well, remember that the word “love” is a verb. So just as your actions show your love for someone else, it’s important to actively do things to love yourself.

Make a List of Things you Like About Yourself 

Sometimes we focus so much on what we’d like to change about ourselves that we actually forget there’s a lot to like as well. So take a few minutes and remind yourself of the positives you can be proud of. Think of physical attributes, mental or emotional strengths, successes you’ve experienced, the way you support your friends, or anything else. Make your list as long as possible, and then keep adding to it.

Ask Others to add to your List 

Go to the people you trust—a friend, a romantic partner, a therapist, a family member—and ask them what they’d list as your most positive characteristics. You may be surprised to find out that people see a lot more of your strengths than you realize.

Treat yourself like a Best Friend 

You know how you treat someone you really care about? The way you love and support that person and treat him or her with kindness and respect? Do that for yourself. And just as you’d challenge a close friend who’s making bad decisions with his or her life, challenge yourself as well. Just as you would for a good friend, remind yourself over and over again of your immense worth as an individual and that you deserve great things in your life. Challenge yourself to achieve the best life possible.

Pay Attention to your Needs and Desires 

This may sound a bit silly, but some people really don’t know what they want and need. They can go through their entire adult lives living only for others without stopping to ask the question “What do I want here?” or “What’s best for me?” One of the best ways to love yourself is simply to pay attention to what it is that you want and need—in your job, in your relationships, in your friendships, and in your whole life.

Protect Yourself 

When you love yourself, you’re much less willing to let someone take advantage of you or to have toxic people in your life. Refuse to be the kind of person who so desperately wants to be loved that they’ll put up with anything in a relationship. You’re worth more than that. Protect yourself from people who don’t have your best interest at heart, and choose not to allow yourself to be treated in unloving, disrespectful ways.

Listen to your Self-Talk 

Repeatedly calling yourself an idiot or a loser is one of the least loving things you can do for yourself. So today, right now, commit to making your self-talk positive. Maybe take the list of things you like about yourself and repeat some of those attributes as you move through the day. When you do make a mistake, be generous with yourself, and instead of telling yourself how stupid you were to lose your keys, just say, “Oh, well. It happens. Everyone loses things from time to time.” As you talk to yourself, don’t say anything you wouldn’t say to someone else you love.

Take care of your Body 

You don’t have to become a marathoner or a supermodel. But do your best to be healthy. Few of us eat exactly as we should or exercise as much as we ought to, so there’s no reason to beat yourself up over not being perfect. But taking small steps to take care of yourself physically is one of the best ways to show yourself love. By treating our bodies well, we send ourselves the message that we deserve good things.

Take Care of your Inner Life 

Don’t neglect your spirit. Slow down from time to time and pay attention to what’s going on within yourself, where you’ll find all kinds of reserves to draw on when you need strength and support. Taking the time to pray, meditate, connect with others, and read meaningful books can nourish our love for ourselves and enrich our lives in many ways.

Show yourself Compassion 

Be willing to forgive yourself, and be patient as you grow. All of us make mistakes, and we all have certain shortcomings that make it easy for us to get down on ourselves. But remind yourself that you’re only human. There’s no reason to expect perfection. When you make a mistake or notice something about yourself that you don’t like, don’t judge or harshly criticize yourself. Instead, be compassionate and remind yourself that you’re doing your best.

Live in the Now

This isn’t always easy to do, but one powerful way to love yourself is to focus your energy and attention on the present moment. Don’t dwell on the past, with all the painful regrets that might exist there. And let go of the future, with all its crippling concerns and anxieties. Then invest yourself in appreciating all the good in your life right now; pour yourself into the present moment and make the most of who you are right now.

Keep in mind that loving yourself isn’t selfish. Think of the heart, which pumps blood to itself first before sending blood out to the rest of the body. Similarly, the more loving you are to yourself, the more love you’ll be able to send out to the other people in your life—your family, your friends, and the people you date.

When you get right down to it, love’s not a feeling, it’s a decision. So make a choice right now to love yourself and to work on loving yourself more fully day after day.

The following positive affirmations focus specifically on self-love, to help you remove any limitations you may have to loving yourself.

Use these free affirmations regularly to assist you in improving this area of your life.

  • I am filled with light, love and peace
  • I treat myself with kindness and respect
  • I give myself permission to shine
  • I honor the best parts of myself and share them with others
  • I am proud of all I have accomplished
  • Today I give myself permission to be greater than my fears
  • I am my own best friend and cheerleader
  • I have many qualities, traits and talents that make me unique
  • I am a valuable human being
  • I love myself just the way I am
  • I love and forgive myself for any past mistakes
  • I look in the mirror and I love what I see
  • I recognize my many strengths

Try to do these affirmations every day. Consistency and conditioning of the affirmation is what makes the difference. You will not see results or changes immediately, but rest assured that if you wholeheartedly do the self love affirmations and believe in it, over time you will find yourself changing and becoming the person you want to be.

The changes happen little by little, in a very subtle way till one day you realize that you are ‘there’.

Sometimes we all go through certain phases in life which may be challenging. Though at the moment it may be painful, but ultimately it is a good opportunity for growth. The experience and the journey is just as important as reaching the destination. Just hang in there and you will be fine.

“You may only be one person to the world, but you may also be the world to one person.” – anonymous

Reblog: I Love Having The Ability To Do Readings

Today i am thankful for the ability to see what lies beneath the surface. I’m speaking about readings specifically. What readings? The type of readings that are done with shells, coins, cards and numbers. From my experience on the earth, its been 34 years now (this incarnation) anyway. My person wanted to know the truth in life ever since i can remember. Even when i did not know the questions to ask when i was a little girl. I came to my conclusions about what i felt was right or wrong from a religious perspective. I had a strong impression of divine truth when i was little as well to the point where- I told my family that certain things i was taught in school was wrong and i knew it was not right. Historical things and the list goes on. Fact is i knew better. I rebelled as a result, but not in a way where i went to jail or hated anyone for what they taught. I was just set on doing my thing and fulfilling my mission on earth.

After i got the fun lesson about energy and how it moves through thoughts and people in general plus it makes up the world. I learned that thoughts are often not ours, because thoughts are energy we must be mindful of thoughts and energies that come to us. Somethings are not ours and therefore are not for us to move on. Instead we are to ignore hundreds of thoughts and energy that don’t match our vibration daily. Once i learned about the transference of thoughts and how strong they can be to the point that a person will think the thought is there’s i knew i needed to know how to help me and others with blocking or allowing what belongs to them. Soon after reading a couple books and hearing from my ancestors…  I asked the creator to allow me to SEE. That way i would not have to go through the lessons in my life blindfolded again. Following illusions and the like was not a pat of my game plan in this life.

That request has given me so much in return. In fact i know i will not ever again walk the earth without using my tools. The gift of freewill was given to us all. I recognized that early on. I was going to use mine to the fullest too. Why not? So i got learned the hard way because i wanted to learn not merely through experiences but by walking the path. What a wonderful life it is. I thought i was walking alone when i chose to do that but that is an impossibility. More on that later.

More on The Ability to Divine: Through the ability of inner-sight I can see into life, people and situations if i need to, for personal decisions and for work purposes for my clients. People have all kinds of challenges this lifetime. We all do. Thankfully i can assist in removing obstructions, offer spiritual consulting, support and bring clarity to those who come my way. I am ever humble about the gifts i have. I don’t speak much about the work i do. I definitely do not give details out of my work and clients. ethics and morals are in line with what i do. This work is nothing to play with. I check my oracles before i take on a client as well. I only work with those the oracles show, i CAN help with their situations. I will refer clients to other people if i need to. Sometimes people have to prepare for their spiritual work before coming to me as well. Oracles show all of this. I have been open psychically since i came to this planet. I have been reading for over 5 years.

On top of that i have a group of ancestors (guides) whom i walk with that assist me with what i do. I call this my team also, They are a heavy part of Bliss Returned. We have several lifetimes of work to do. I know this sounds deep. Trust me it truly is.

I have always had a strong intuitive nature. My mind always wanted to know the details, the facts of life, not the ones that were JUST written in books. I wanted to understand  what ideas motivated a particular movement or decision. I had a deep connection to the hearts of people. I knew there was some divine element within each and ever one of us. It did not matter how a person acted or treated others’. I could see the hidden pieces. The pieces they did not want the world to see. That has been my gift.

As a result of intuitively ‘knowing’ I did not listen well growing up after a certain age..I craved answers about what was what.. My explanation of why i was not just going with the flow was that,  i felt as though i was not of this world. It was my destiny to question everything. I listened better when there was background information on why ‘we’ had to do things a certain way. This is one reason i am an ideal candidate for assisting gifted children. I was there. I can certainly feel the inner struggle they have with understanding and being understood too.

All throughout my life, spiritual connection to the unseen was so solidified that i had to learn to balance between the physical world and that which is in the inner planes too. I It was because i thought i knew life intuitively enough to where i could, make my way through listening to the inner feeling i had. Learning the art of spiritually reading has been  fun. It is one of the greatest tools I have ever received.

I am gifted with the hands to heal and the heart to counsult others in their lives. I have clients who are all ages. Some clients are twice my age. Age is no matter on the earthly plane to me, all that matters is your ability to do what you do. The universe (creator) has brought us all to someone for a reason. We all have lessons to learn, it does not matter whether we know this or not. The truth still remains. We all have a purpose too. No one is higher than another. We each have something great to learn from another. It does not matter whether we are a student or a teacher. All that is physical is an illusion anyway. I am here to work with whomever needs my assistance. I offer many options as well. I am well versed in what i do. What i do is not made up. I can show you and tell you too. I am not into showing off either. My energy and work with my ancestors, sometimes my clients ancestors too if i’m called to work with them for my client.

My day looks different each day. Yet i would choose no other way to do what i do but to help more people. It will be naturally as my heart is in the right place. We get what we give. I have so much love to share. I have a business i built to bring light and divine love back into the world a well. I have a lovely business partner and we are doing our thing in the field.

Check us out. www.blissreturned.com & www.blissreturned.wordpress.com

Birth Day Numbers Reveal Your Unique Gift

In numerology your Birth day number says so much about you. We all know this as the day of your birth. This number is not reduced, unlike the life path number. It is one of 1- 31 variations. There are of course 31 birth days descriptions to match them. Each one unique and special.

The day when you were born is an important part in understanding who you are in the and what special talents you inherited this lifetime. Your Birth day number is a gift endowed to you, that will assist you on your Life’s Path journey. In numerology there are four core numbers. The Birth day is one and the Life Path, Expression, Heart’s Desire numbers’ are the other three.

In order of significance the Life path number has historically been the most important of them all. While the Birth day number is the least significant of the four. However, the Birth day number is still a special factor because it shows the talent that you have that can assist you with conquering all challenges if it is used properly and to your best ability. Please scroll through the blog for a sample of your Birthday numbers~ We do Numerology Reports as well please check out http://www.blissreturned.com for more information Thank you JoyfulBliss to you!!