We specialize in circulating Bliss. In other words, Motivation is our thing.
Bliss Returned is here to help with the evolutional transformational healing that is deeply needed on this planet for earthly change and divine equilibrium. A massive restructuring is happening right now and will continue as this is possible for growth holistically speaking. Will you join us in balancing out this place we call earth.Please visit our site to support our cause.
Email us if you need to at blissreturned@gmail.com.

Company Overview

 We are well versed Writers and Consultants in the areas of Wellness, Metaphysics, Love, Business and Spirituality. We are humble healers that carry a special place in our hearts for the entire world. Thank you for your warm support.

Our Mission

To Return us to Bliss where we belong!
With so many people sick, unrealized, unbalanced, devitalized and confused about how to take the necessary steps to balance their health, and overall wellbeing my team and we have made it our purpose in this life to aid in uplifting the masses through the process of recalibration of the body, mind and spirit, using the step by step simple ways and techniques of our ancestors. Its is true, when we make a solid commitment to reconstructing vitality in ourselves, there is no limit to the healing that we can experience in all areas of our lives! Choose Success! Let’s Return you to Bliss where you belong ♥

Want to reach us directly? Inbox us for more information.

(Find us under page contributors or email us at www.blissreturned.gmail.com).
We are currently consulting in the areas of health, relationships, nutrition, healing and life purpose. The journey of success starts with one step~ ^♥^ (¯`v´¯) ✧~Bliss Returned `*.¸.*.♥.✿´´¯`•.¸⁀°♡.


9 Replies to “ABOUT”

  1. I am in tears with gratitude, awed in the way GOD continues to answer my prayers for healing my body and my life.
    Without even knowing it yet, you, your books, blog, advice, expertise and friendship are all part of my answered prayers. Please contact me, as I have a story to tell of how invaluable and timely your wisdom is in my life. Mo

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