Clearing Affirmations

Life has a way of teaching us all unique lessons. Some lessons we learn overtime while others take a few times to get right. Even people who say they have learned their lessons in life are prone to repeating their mistakes many times. This can lead to a build up of resentment and maybe even bitterness too.. It’s time to clear away the hurt. Use these affirmations to move rise up and move away all that isn’t needed my special ones~ here they are:

1. I let go of all that I don’t need anymore right here and now

2. It’s okay to walk in peace, to breathe and release the old way of life I was so accustomed to

3. My life is a book full of lessons, but I can read new chapters and write new ones too

4. I owe it to myself to let go now

5. I deserve a wonderful life, I give myself permission to wash away my past with my tears today

6. Yes I’ve made mistakes and I’ve done the same foolish things over and I let it go and move into a new beginning now.

7. I am ready for love, I release all that I don’t use anymore to make way for love right now

8. They hurt me and now I will let all feelings and thoughts of regret now..i am healing and so is the person who tried to hurt me

9. I am bigger than all my experiences, larger than all that has tried to break me, I let go of old visions of failure and I make way for the abundance that i am due.

10. With this bath I give in to passionate fruit, sweet bubble baths and hot dates if I’m single I deserve to have a great time with my friends, family and those who appreciate me and all my special divine gifts.

11. I clear all the holds that people have on me right now..unless it is my children and some family..I owe no one nothing..i let go of feeling that i owe anyone anything..i owe it to myself to enjoy my life and get some balance in it.

12. I let go of caring about what others think about me NOW I walk into the light to shine in the best way that I know how. My shining uplifts my brothers and sisters all over the world. We deserve to live out loud right now.

13. I am thankful for the ability to rise and shine like a phoenix coming from the ashes in full metamorphosis mode I know I am the ish, and I am ready to live my truth. Thank you!


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