The Perfect Curves Scam

Human female breasts
Human female breasts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


When it comes to breast enhancement there are many options a woman can choose from, such as Perfect Curves. This company has gotten a lot of attention from people but a lot of people wonder if the company is true or if it is a Perfect Curves scam.

Perfect Curves make some very big claims about their breast enhancement supplements and creams. However, before anybody buys their products they should understand a few things about some of the ingredients that are in natural breast enhancement products.

Some Ingredients That Could be in Perfect Curves Products

The FDA sometimes do not regulate companies that have natural herbal supplements. This is why people get scammed so easily.

With that said, one of the ingredients that are possibly found in breast enhancement pills is Blessed Thistle. Some countries do approve of this ingredient and is usually used for the treatment of indigestion and appetite loss. This ingredient has no known effects on enhancing breasts but it can increase milk flow in a nursing woman.

Another ingredient used in many breast enhancement supplements is Dong Quai. Dong Quai is usually used to treat menstrual symptoms. This is another ingredient that has not been proven to have any effects on enhancing breasts. Actually, test tube studies should that this ingredient stimulates breast cancer cell growth, and this is a very serious side effect. This is why women who take this ingredient should visit their local OBYGN and ask them about Dong Quai.

Fennel is also found in many products, such as the ones in Perfect Curves. This ingredient has been found in food and medicine for many years now. According to some, there may be some evidence that Fennel does increase breast tissue in rats. However, there really is no evidence on the effects in human women.

Fenugreek can be found in a lot of different breast enhancement products. There are some stories that say that Fenugreek was fed to women in order to enhance their breasts. However, there really are no solid stories that confirm that Fenugreek increases the size of women’s breasts.

Knowing Who To Trust

There really is no evidence that companies like Perfect Curves produces breast enhancement products that actually work in the long run. Women can easily get the truth about Perfect Curves by simply talking to an OBGYN that has years of experience. There are way to many companies that try to trick women into thinking that their products will increase breast size. Many products simple do not have any clinical science that backs up their claims. This is why it is important for a woman to seek out professional advice from a licensed ONYGN.

A OBYGN can aid women if they are in need of help with health problems. OBYGNs also are able to give advice on treatment options for many conditions. A good example of this is if a woman comes down with UTI, they can go and get proper treatment from a loacal doctor who is experience.


This is Guest blog post:

Greg works with Walnut Hill OBGYN in Dallas. For more helpful tips and information, visit their website.


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7 Replies to “The Perfect Curves Scam”

  1. Breast enhancements can be dangerous specially if you were not able to find a licensed surgeon. Some breast enhancement gels are cancerous. The safest filler is of course saline. *,.”` Many thanks health issues page

  2. how many patients have you seen with higher cons than pros. Are your statements based a certain bias? I believe there are thousands of women currently testing the products now who can attest to your claims, right? Can you provide clinical evidence that these products have caused cancer?

  3. After a trial period of four to six months using Perfect Curves, I was finally able to write up a review on this product… which sadly, I was also very disappointed about- because I had a lot of high hopes that this one would work for me!!! So,if you’ve checked out their website, or thinking about buying, you’ll know what the product claims to do. I can’t say that it made even the slightest bit of difference towards any increase in size at all. Nor did it make my hair or skin look healthier. But I decided to wait at least six months, still no results. When I tried to get my money back they offered me $50 instead to keep using it, but I never received that either. Not happy, just VERY disappointed that I had spent so much money and expectation on a product that didn’t work. I must have paid over $300 NZ dollars excluding shipping,

  4. I took the one for buttock and hip enhancement. After a month I as well as others saw a significant difference. My buttocks rounded and though I have never really had hips for the first time they began to show shape. After two months I gained about six pounds and it all settledin my but and hips. Once I saw a difference I stopped taking them and just maintained it. I was and still am very pleased my results.

    Than.ks, Barbie

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