How to Veganize your Favorite Recipes?

Japanese style "Silken tofu" with so...
Japanese style “Silken tofu” with soy sauce and a decorative carrot slice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To replace one egg choose an option here:
-Egg Replacer use 1 1/2 tsps. egg replacer + 2 Tbs. water for each egg

-1 Tbs. soy powder mixed with 2 Tsb. water

-1 1/2 Tbs. ground flax seeds soaked in 3 Tbs. boiling water for 15 minutes. Pour off excess water and use the gelled flax seeds.

-Half mashed banana.

-3 Tbs. apple sauce

-1 Tbs. arrowroot powder

To replace milk or cream:
Store-bought non-dairy milk (such as a thick, rich soy/rice/oat or nut milk) or non-dairy cream

Homemade nut/grain milk -Blend nuts/oats with water in a food processor or in blender. To prepare: Soak and drain 8 oz. (one cup) of nuts (almond, cashew, oats.) Using a blender, blend tofu with one cup water. Puree until smooth. Add one more cup of water and blend. Add sweetener and spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla beans or extract, This will yield 2 1/2 – 3 cups

Cream filling- Silken tofu, pureed in the food processor, makes a great base for a pie or cake.

Coffee Creamer– Use a dairy free creamer from your local health food store.

To Replace White Refined Sugar-Organic evaporated cane juice sugar, Date sugar, Sucanat, Xylitol (birch sugar)

To replace honey- Use Agave nectar, Brown rice syrup, Maple syrup, Sorghum molasses

Practice makes Perfect!

Take your time to get the ingredients and measurements correct. It is a good idea to keep measurements in the recipe close as possible to the original recipe. If you want to make adjustments to your favorite recipes, do a little research then, give it a try. Baking can be a bit slower to master on your own so its important to do your research with vegan cookbooks first. Then get creative and just flow with it.


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