Kunzite: Kunzite gemstone opens the heart to all forms of love.

Français : cristal de spodumene var. kunzite
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A member of the Spodumene family with lithium. Pink, clear in color (the green version is called Hiddenite).  Kunzite is a pink to lilac colored gemstone, a variety of spodumene with the color coming from minor to trace amounts of manganese. Some (but not all) kunzite used for gemstones has been heated to enhance its color. It is also frequently irradiated to enhance the color. Many kunzites fade when exposed to sunlight which is why it is dubbed the evening stone.

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Kunzite was discovered in 1902, and was named after George Frederick Kunz, Tiffany & Co‘s chief jeweler at the time, and a noted mineralogist. It has been found in Brazil, USA, Canada, CIS, Mexico, Sweden, Western Australia, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Spodumene was discovered in 1877 in Brazil, although it was not until 1879 that kunzite and hiddenite were recognized as different varieties of the same mineral. Spodumene is also found in Madagascar, Myanmar, the USA, Canada, the former USSR, Mexico and Sweden.  One notable example of kunzite used in jewellery is in the Russian Palmette tiara and necklace worn by the Duchess of Gloucester.

Pink Kunzite- 4th Chakra, Heart
White Or Clear Kunzite- 7th, Crown chakra
Yellow Kunzite- 3rd Chakra, Solar Plexus
Blue Kunzite- 5th Chakra, Throat
Green Kunzite (Hiddenite) – 4th Chakra, Heart
Lilac Kunzite Kunzite- 6th Chakra, 3rd Eye

Feng Shui: Kunzite is used in the North for personal growth and journeys and in the Northeast direction for self-cultivation and for removing obstacles.

Français : Cristal de spodumene var. kunzite s...
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Healing Properties:

  • Kunzite it is told will help to combat feelings of inferiority, inhibition and depression, and it also has a pronounced calming effect on the heart, especially if it is taken as an elixir.
  • It also gives a large boost to ones spiritual esteem..
  • Kunzite is a stone that awakens the heart center. It produces loving thoughts and communication.It connects you to universal love and is beneficial to those who find it hard to meditate. It is a protective stone that has the power to dispel negativity.
  • It’s most favorable use is for removing emotional blockages from your history, especially childhood stress and trauma. Kunzite will help you to see the blockage, and to understand what needs to be done, so that you may start on the road to recovery
  •  Helpful in reducing stress related anxiety, Kunzite is excellent for panic attacks. Used for calming epilepsy, soothing joint pain and stimulates the immune system.
  • Kunzite is also quite helpful in the treatment of drug and alcohol addition, as it promotes tolerance towards others. The ability to deal with criticism is improved, and the stone strongly stimulates the self-development in the wearer.
  • Kunzite is also used on the Brow and Crown Chakra for the reason that it deepens altered states: psychic readings, healing…being centered emotionally and spiritually. Strengthens healers and teachers.
  • Gaze at or hold a kunzite to release daily stress, smooth out knotted muscles, calm nerves, anger or fear.
  • Kunzite helps the entire cardiovascular system.
  • On a physical level it enhances blood supply and helps regenerate tissues.
  • Violet Kunzite regulates the functioning of the thyroid and promotes hormonal balance.
  • Pink Kunzite prevents the narrowing of the arteries, relaxes muscles and relieves rheumatism and arthritis.
English: Kunzite Français : cristal de spodume...
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Metaphysical Properties:

  •  Peace and purification.
  • Protects aura and dissipates negativity.
  • Excellent for meditation.
  •  Kunzite also is told to be useful in attracting love, but it shall attract more of a spiritual love than one of the physical variety.
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Kunzite should be worn in direct contact with the skin for it’s most favorable healing qualities. To relieve pain it should be placed directly on the affected area. The stone should be cleansed under warm running water each time before use and then recharged overnight among a bowl of dry hematite stones.  Many of Kunzite’s other secrets still lie within, waiting patiently to be discovered.

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