6 Easy Steps To Succeed!!!!

The Quick Start To Success List 

First step: Review questions 1-6

1. What do you want?
2. Why do you want it?
3. When do want it?
4. Have you written it down?
5. What is the price?
6. Pay for it!

If your first reaction to the list is one of ‘is that all?’ then you’re underestimating the

power of simplicity for achieving great things.

Attracting Success Its easier than you think. 6 steps, while simple, form the most powerful achievement strategy on the planet!

1. What do you want?

Sounds obvious right, no wrong. Just ask someone what they want to do with their exercise plan, or even their life, and you will receive vague answers at best.
Let’s break this down; Things like “weight loss” or “become rich” or “earn more” are not goals.
OK NO. They’re not.
However they are better classified as hopes that are so vague and meaningless that we can pretty much guarantee they will fail.
A real goal, however, is clearly stated and summarizes identifies what you  want , with a time frame attached to it. This way, you have a reference point to measure how far you are from completing your mission.
For example ‘lose weight’ becomes ‘lose 30lbs’ or ‘weigh exactly 120lbs’. ‘Get fit’ becomes ‘buy a car’ or ‘buy a Mercedes in 10 months’ and ‘earn more money’ becomes ‘earn $110,000 a year after taxes’
See the difference?
One is open-ended and allows for excuses and get out clauses while the other identifies the target and the way you will obtain your goal. This way, you measure your current level of success and adjust your course as needed.
Again, what is it YOU want? (Jot it down on a sheet of paper RIGHT asap!)

2.  Why do you want it?

It is amazing how people happily set goals they don’t care much about.
You hear them say ‘I’m going to do this’ or ‘I’m going to do that’ yet when you ask them why they have no explanation. No reason for doing something is  a sure sign that a goal may fail and is also definite sign you should look for when setting your personal goals.

3.  Why do you want it?

A goal without a date of completion is like a book without words in it. See, clearly something is missing.
Until you define the time frame to complete your goals,  you are
just reverting back to the ‘one day i will’ dream and let’s not forget ‘wouldn’t it be nice if..’ wishes that most people have. Why wish when you can make results!
Wishing is a cleaver way of giving yourself an excuse to Not act, And we know, without action nothing changes.
When you know what you want and why you want it, next you MUST set a date for getting it. This way, there is a sense of urgency to get your goal. In truth, This is what you want!
Also, you are able to measure whether or not your goals are on schedule or not and what actions it will take to get you on track.
So, WHEN do you want your goals to come to life?

4. Write down your goals and read them regularly

There is a definite sequence to take a goal from an idea to reality. This sequence is summed up in three words.
Thought + Word = Action
Up to now we reviewed thoughts and the importance of deciding what you want, why you want it and the time factor of when you want it. This is the inner work to goal setting. This is a vital step to the achievement of your goals, this alone is not enough to bring goals into reality.
By now you should have a clearer defined dream, right now it’s still just a dream.
To take your goal from a dream to reality… it needs to become real in some way.
Studies have shown, the act of writing goals down increases the likelihood of their achievement from 500% to 5000% plus, reading the words out loud on a daily, several times a day, increases the effectiveness of achievement even more!
Certainly every successful person I’ve ever met or known has told me that they not only have a written list of goals, but they also read their goals many times a day and carry their list with them too.

5. What is the price?

People set goals correctly, they know what they want, why they want it, when they want it and they write their goals down too, But, In spite of doing everything right, they never make any real headway toward achieving their goals.
They don’t think about the cost of achieving their goals before starting and when they have to pay for their goals in the way of hard-working time… they’re disappointed and second guessing their plan.
The REAL truth is, every goal has a price that must be paid.
It might be financial, it might be time, it might be a change of lifestyle, it might be a relationship or ANYTHING, but trust me, there WILL be a price.
Certainly, at the start of my career (and even now to a lesser extent) my determination to have my own
business, to become a entrepreneur, consultant, healer and author meant that I would have to pay the price of longer hours at work, less time with my family and a higher degree of financial risk.
That was my price. I didn’t have to pay it at first, If I was not willing to pay the cost, I wouldn’t reach my goals. I had a clear choice. What is the price of YOUR goals?
Think about it now, so that you can decide your next move, whether or not the cost is too steep and if it is, just set another goal that you want to strive for. It’s alright to save yourself some time.

6. PAY The Price!

Paying the price gets its own category because, since knowing the price, paying it is an ongoing investment that you must make every day until the goal is yours. What we’re talking about is the consistent, ACTION that many people are simply not willing to take.
Sure, they come out of the gate looking fully motivated to get their goal but, they soon slow down, and go to something else. It starts with one day without action toward their goals, then two, then three and, before you know it, their action towards their goals has stopped.
What happened?
They stopped paying the price.
Here’s the thing most people don’t get;
If you’ve been paying the price, and paying the price and paying the price for days, weeks, months and even years, The One day you choose to wake up and stop paying the price, every single payment you made was a waste. Some would say…
A waste of your time.
A waste of your money.
A waste of your effort.
Yes, the only way to possibly get your return on investment is to achieve your goals.
Anything less was a failed attempt at success.
This might sound a bit over the top but it’s true.
Once you start paying the price, stay with the goal until it’s achieved.

That’s it!


That is all to getting what you want from life. Stay in there. Stick with it! It will only get better. Though simplified, if you apply these 6 steps you’ll get what you want faster.! Go for the GOLD!


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