Lepidolite: Lepidolite is known as the stone of transformation.


Lepidolite was discovered in the eigtheenth century and was originally known as lilalite (from the Hindu word ‘lila’ meaning play, game).  Scientists eventually renamed the stone lepidolite, from the Greek lepidos ‘scale’ and lithos ‘stone’.

Only found in regions where dikes of this type are exposed, as in New England, particularly in Maine, and at Portland, Connecticut, and San Diego County, California. Well-formed crystals up to an inch or more across are found at Auburn, Maine. Fine-grained aggregates are common in many Maine localities, and are associated with microlite at Dixon, New Mexico. The coarsest crystals form bladed aggregates at Ohio City, Colorado. Foreign localities include: Minas Gerais, Brazil; Madagascar; VarUtrask, Sweden; Southwest Africa; Western Australia; Ural Mountains, Russia and Germany.

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Every piece of Lepidolite is believed to have its very own keeper – or guardian spirit. It is believed that this stone chooses you – instead of you actually choosing it. This keeper of the stone will guide you in your sleep (if you wish it) to other lands inside of your dream world. Lepidolite helps to clear out all the redundant messages and voices from our past that hold us back from happiness or success. It attracts friends and acquaintances to you who are supportive and bring opportunities to move forward in life.

Lepidolite is a stone of calm, trust, and acceptance. It is extremely useful in the reduction of depression as well as stress. It will promote self love and patients by bringing a strong inner calm. Lepidolite is known as the stone of transformation. It is wonderful for dream work, and for dream recall. Lepidolite can also bring a growing energy to gardening and agriculture. Lepidolite is very useful in balancing your emotional body and calming the mind. It activates the heart chakra, releasing an expansive, loving energy. It is also a stone of spiritual purification. It helps you disengage your sense of identity from the experiences you has had in the past, and instead encourages you to identify solely with the presence of the Creator and the present moment. Lepidolite enhances physical grace, encourages the eyes to see beauty, lends eloquence to your speech and teaches you to listen with compassionate, patient attention.

Placed on the body, Lepidolite is used to locate the site of the body’s dis-ease; vibrating gently to indicatethe source. Lepidolite will strengthen the immune system, and It can help to relieve allergies, exhaustion, epilepsy and Alzheimer’s. This crystal is recommended for the relief of the cravings that come from addiction withdrawal.  Lepidolite helps with sleep disorders. It Lessens the effect of most joint pain like arthritis, tendonitis, and carpal tunnel by allowing the muscles to fully relax.

Lepidolite also clears electromagnetic pollution and is an excellent stone to wear while using your computer.  When Mica is present in the stone is greatly amplified. You can try bathing with a few pieces of lepidolite in your bath water, which is a wonderful way to use the energies of this stone.

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  1. I need this NOW…as I continue to transform my Being I am open to all the tools of awakening my Heart chakra supporting my spiritual oneness, creativity, elevation, balance and presence with LoVe and Light…

    1. ♥ NaMa§tE Sweetest HeartSoul Magical Be-ing of Love and Light♥ ♥ ♥♥. Just contact Sereda and you will be all set…Love, Peace and Balance!!

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