Vitamin T : The vitamin that is very helpful in the coagulation of blood in the body.

Vitamin T is a substance which is considered as a vitamin but still it doesn’t meet the standard definition for the vitamin. Its chemical names are Tegotin, Termitin, and Torutilin. It is a water soluble which is destroy by alcohol. It is good in improving fading memory and enhances the concentration towards anything and also helps in blood coagulation and in the formation of platelets in the blood. It combats Anemia and Hemophilia. Basically, it strengthens your red blood cells. More strength = more oxygen. It is the only vitamin,  which regulates the metabolism of protein, carbohydrates and fats. Vitamin T helps keep the brain and the nervous system energized. Vitamin is very much required for the breaking up of carbohydrates to release energy. Vitamin T is very important for the various tedious works that we have to perform in our day to day schedule. In spite of its health benefits in the body very little information is known about it.

Functions and benefits of vitamin T

  • It plays a crucial role in some metabolic reactions particularly in conversion of carbohydrates in to glucose.
  • Vitamin T is essential while huge energies are required i.e. playing physical games, running, exercise, and other activities.
  • The main purpose of  this vitamin is regeneration of our body and adrenal gland
  • May improve a failing memory and poor concentration.
  • Strengthen the red blood cells.
  • Since it causes bolstering of blood cells, it can be effective in combating the blood related disorders such as hemolysis as well as anemia.
  • It maintains the integrity of the platelets. The platelets are important clotting factors. Without them bleeding cannot be stopped.
  • This vitamin  helps in the conversion of food we eat into energy .
  • The Vitamin is used to make blood cells very strong, improve the memory power and it also promotes the health of the nervous system, hair, eyes, mouth, liver, and skins.

Deficiency of Vitamin T

Being needed in the body in very small amount, its deficiency cannot lead to mark effects. But in case its deficiency is severe enough it can lead to the development of anemia as well as retardation in the growth. Person can become fatigue having poor concentration towards anything.

Best food sources of vitamin T

  • tahini
  • fungi
  • sesame seed
  •  leaf vegetables
  • nuts, sunflowers seeds, almonds, groundnuts, etc and green vegetables like that carrots, cauliflowers, turnip, leaf vegetables, beet greens, and all types of green
  • green vegetables such as lotus stems, turnip greens, beets, radish leaves, colossal and carrot leaves. In some Fruits such as papaya, raisins, custard apples and apricots are good sources of Vitamin T

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