The Mysterious Dragonstone AKA Serpentine

Serpentine, a rock type found along the Illino...
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Serpent Stone

Holding this stone in your hand can feel like flowing cool water that but soon turns to warm in matter of seconds. Serpentine naturally calms the heart and nervous system.

“Their olive-green color and smooth or scaly appearance is the basis of the name from the Latin serpentinus, meaning “serpent rock,”it carries this nick name because resembles the skin of a snake.

Most serpentines are opaque to translucent, light weight and soft. Its hardness is 2.5–4 on the moh’s scale. All are microcrystalline and massive in habit, never being found as single crystalsLuster may be vitreous, greasy or silky. The more attractive and durable varieties (all of antigorite) are termed “noble” or “precious” serpentine and are used extensively as gems and in ornamental carvings.

Colours range from white to grey, yellow to green, and brown to black, and are often splotchy or veined. Many are intergrown with other minerals, such as calcite and dolomite.

Occurrence is worldwide; New CaledoniaCanada (Quebec),USA (northern CaliforniaRhode IslandConnecticutMassachusettsMaryland and southern Pennsylvania), AfghanistanBritain (Cornwall and Ireland), Greece (Thessaly), ChinaFranceKorea,Austria (Styria and Carinthia), India (Assam, and Manipur), Myanmar (Burma), New ZealandNorwayand Italy are notable localities.

Rock composed primarily of these minerals is called serpentinite. Serpentines find use in industry for a number of purposes, such as railway ballasts, building materials, and the asbestiform types find use as thermal and electrical insulation.

They have their origins in metamorphic alterations of peridotite and pyroxene. Serpentines may also pseudomorphously replace other magnesium silicates. Alterations may be incomplete, causing physical properties of serpentines to vary widely. Where they form a significant part of the land surface, the soil is unusually high in clay.

Metaphysical healing properties:

1. Relaxes cramps and menstrual pain

2. Warms the body

3. Can be used for navigational purposes in nature or  to find ones way

4. Beneficial to the kidney and stomach

5. To find lost items

6. Believed to protect from snake bites, poison, and venom

7. Regulates mood swings

8. Repels insects

9. Facilitates  extraterrestrial communication

10. Eliminates negative energy in the body and home


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