Yoga to Decrease Anxiety

Yoga Class at a Gym
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Yoga offers many possibilities for those who are anxious.


The practice of yoga itself is a stress and anxiety reducer. Here are a few tips on what you can include in your anti-anxiety yoga practice.

Pranyama (Breathing): Proper breathing can sometimes be the key to reducing anxiety and panic. Practice breathing in through your nose, allowing the air to first fill your belly, diaphragm and then chest. Slowly breath out through your nose, letting air out slowly.

Forward Bend Sitting or standing, restores elasticity of spine, stretches the ligaments, the legs and the hamstrings. Aids in the circulation of blood towards the brain.

Triangle Pose Laterally stretches the spine, tones spinal nerves, helps in the proper functioning of the digestive system. Makes the body feel lighter.

Child Pose Stretches the upper body, releases pressure in the upper back, stretches and strengthens the legs, massages the internal organs, helps you breathe easily and clears the mind

Corpse Pose The Corpse Yoga Pose or Savasana is the classic relaxation yoga pose, practiced before each, between asanas and in Final Relaxation.

Simple Meditation Technique This meditation process is good to induce relaxation response and promotes a peaceful and relaxed mind. Try it at the end of your practice, either in corpse pose or seated, with a straight spine. Close your eyes. Practice guided imagery at first, or use a mantra, or a word or words repeated over slowly in your mind to bring focus. Another simple technique for meditation is to focus on your diaphragmatic breathing and count your breaths. If thoughts pop into your head, don’t let, just let them pass. If feelings come up, notice them, and let them pass. Don’t be judgmental or hard on yourself!



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