Marriage Manifesting!

Manifesting A Marriage?



Use this affirmation to breathe life into your manifesting efforts like never before! (Use this affirmation as a template to create your own from) Enjoy!



“I wake up in the morning to the gentle warm wind of a delightful tropical breeze on my face, I smell the honey dipped yellow roses in the air and hear the tranquil sound of ocean waves from our terrace. I look over,  smile at my husband. His eyes radiate passion as he pulls me close and whispers how much he loves me. My husband the most  nurturing , smart, strong, funny, receptive, organically sexy and spiritual man I have ever met. My heart is over flowing with happiness and bliss. I am deeply content and so grateful to have his love.  After our delicious breakfast, exercise and meditation we swim in the ocean. In the distance we watch the dolphins that frequent the cove where we live…continue…” Go through your whole day like this and you will not only be manifesting your ideal mate, you will be attracting your ideal life experience! mmm yes.



Yellow Rose
Yellow Rose (Photo credit: Mundoo)

10 Replies to “Marriage Manifesting!”

  1. I needed some encouragement today about the topic of marriage. Stumbled across your site via a Google search. I plan to affirm this daily for as long as it takes. I’ll let you know how things evolve! I appreciate you. Keep sharing & be blessed!!

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