Focus On The End For Manifesting To Begin!!



Visualize Your Goal


The law of attraction works on what you ever you focus on the most, this is an important detail that so many people miss because they are so used to seeing things from their perception or present reality. If you focuses on an experience, that is what you will attract.


It is important to just visualize the end result. Looking at the process of reaching a goal will only drag out the attraction process. The reason for this is your energy is more on the process of how the thing the end result can.


Most people do not know our universe works outside of the minds conception. If you do not watch out you can create so much red tape in the process of what you want. Stop focusing on HOW stuff will happen. Instead we should see the END. Repeat this phrase before you say your affirmations: Begin with the end in mind! It does not get any plainer than that.


Beginning with our focus on the HOW’s shows inner doubts within you. If our desires are not coming to us how we want them to, Or we may assume our visualization is not enough to manifest, either way you should learn to allow.


This is no fault of our own, the entire world has been conditioned to think this way. With the Law of Attraction we know we are always doing it, now we are choosing to do so with awareness. This new way of reaching our goals is similar to what athletes do before they do play. Athletes go in to their competition fully focused on winning. Athletes know  winning is dependent on positive visualization. Winning is what they want and they understand the art of allowing nothing to shift their minds from their desires. This is what we are doing. Visualization is the way to success.


Learn to control the visual process. Focused manifesting  takes constant inner focus. Once you become resolute in holding on to what you want in the mind, success will happen regardless of how you think your goal should unfold. Look at the picture of your accomplished goal. Say thank you universe and smile while you feel the rays of joy raining down on you. As you hold onto this image, the universe will come through and energize the visual with us. We are all destined for greatness in our own right.


6 Replies to “Focus On The End For Manifesting To Begin!!”

  1. It is a very difficult practice. But I have experienced first hand the power of attraction. Its still a mystery to me. But things that I was told two years ago were impossible are here in action now. I just kept all my focus on being in the moments that I experience every day. Its easy to be distracted by doubt, fear, time, etc.

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