Over Spending 101: Make That Change


Cut and Paste Your Money

To stop the waste. Money is something that touches most aspects of your life. You can’t avoid money — just like you can’t avoid food. Making bad decisions about your food intake can ruin your physical health, just as making poor money decisions can devastate your fiscal health. Fortunately, the body can take a lot more abuse than your bank account or credit report. Maintaining good credit health takes an ongoing investment of energy, time, and persistence.

Awareness and acknowledgment are the first steps to improving your spending habits. If you become conscious of your own tendency to spend money without thinking, you can make better decisions with that awareness. And most likely, if you knew you were making reckless, thoughtless decisions that could negatively impact your future, you wouldn’t do it either.

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So take a minute to ask yourself: Do you overspend? Maybe the answer is a resounding “Yes!” Or maybe you feel that you don’t overspend, or at least don’t do it regularly. You can always make the choice to change bad habits. First, you have to assess the situation and make an honest call. Once you see a change should be made. It is up hill from there.

Don’t pay for it with a credit card. You end up paying for it twice before it’s over. Cash is king and a better negotiation tool.

Need New Shopping Habits?

Shopping can often feel like a drain on your finances. To keep your shopping trips from turning into a super spending frenzy, plan and think about how you can spend your money more efficiently.

Go in with a game plan.

Only go shopping for outfits. Pieces that match take less time to pick out. Don’t shop for everything on one day.

Don’t buy overly processed, prepackaged foods. The more packaging and processing involved, the more it costs you. Reduce packaged and processed items.

Buy whole foods, in their natural state, when possible. These foods include fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, and dairy products.

Processed food may look cheaper but it will cost you big in other areas.

Research prices on the internet.

Looking online can save you mega time. Ok let’s not forget about the money you can save too. Instead of walking into the mall or any store because you have the ‘money spending urge’; incorporate some structure. You have a cool phone or a paper and pen. Write down your priorities. Then schedule when to buy them and research where to pick them up from too. You will find that waiting a few days or a month will take away the buying itch as well.

Sometimes we want something because someone else has it and that is the only reason. To test the need for new merchandise its a good practice to test yourself by slowing down your normal habit of buying simply because you see and want something.

With weekly menu planning, you’ll be able to list only those items you’ll need for the meals you’ll be cooking. This will cut down on impulse shopping and on discarding unused produce and other food items you forgot to use.

If you’re limiting your fat intake, buy fresh eggs and throw away the yolks; which is fattening. This approach costs you about half as much as the reduced-fat egg substitute in a carton and is fresher, without additives, preservatives, or food coloring.

Recycle. Reduce trash. Minimize your use of paper towels, disposable plates and cups, disposable diapers, plastic shopping bags, and so on. Instead, reuse cloth towels and use cloth diapers. There are even reuseable pads on the market too (non-disposable items are cheaper and environmentally friendly in the long run), and durable plates and cups, use your own  shopping bags in the market.

Over the course of a year, simply reusing these items can save you serious money.

Reduce the number of items you buy by sharing or renting certain appliances that you may only use a couple of times.

“We can change our lives anytime we want to. We have unlimited choices~”


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