Energizing Affirmations!



Intention and imagination are your magic wands for success. Work it!


I light up the sky with my good intentions


Don’t choose to feel bad for anything you’ve done, only choose to DO better the next time..That’s all


Will you wait another day to get it done..why not today?


Everyone has healing to do, and it takes time for it to happen..working on you for 30 days straight is a good place to start..


I always do my best


Exuding peace, joy, happiness and bliss heals me and others too.


I can do whatever i wanna do! YEY


Leading by example always get the job done. I am thankful for the ability to lead joyfully


If I want more out of others I must do more myself


Smiling all day heals me


There is no greater thing than living my destiny joyfully..


I am inspired by the understanding that I have to do better because I know better each and everyday


I am a channel of light for others to remember who they are and I share my light because with all who need it because I love.


I feel outstanding no matter what is going on in my life and in the world..


My vitality raises with each passing minute


I am in control of my mind, body and spirit


When I share I receive so much more


I live to love and love to live


On this day I am inspired to do more than ever before.





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