A Gazing Stone~


My second favorite Gemstone! Waiting until you read the next post. I will post my Favorite gemstone next!


Some know this lovely stone by other names. Here are some of its nicknames names: Landscape Quartz; Garden Quartz but its true name is Lodalite Quartz. This Quartz includes minerals such as chlorite, iron and calcite.


Here are a few more nicknames this stone is known as: “Seer Quartz” or “Shaman Quartz”. Because of all the sights to see inside of  Lodalite, it is often called Scenic Quartz! It’s often used in meditation practices. Another metaphysical use of lodolite is to bring energies to effect manifestation of one’s desires.


Lodalite Quartz is used to look into other worlds and by gazing into it, you are sure to feel a cosmic shift of consciousness.The gemstone is also useful for Shamanic journeying in particular and other journeying as well like: cosmic, soul and personal.


This stunning variation of quartz helps you connect to vibrational energies in other realms as well, stimulating growth in areas of other- worldly communication. This crystal is used to protect, for releasing and promoting understanding of one consciousness.


Lodalite can be used to stimulate healing of any disease or illness. Its function is to harmonize the higher vibrational energies of the person’s aura. It is believed that physical “dis-ease” is the consequence of “dis-harmony” within the energies of your body. This Quartz is also helpful in deep energetic healing, related to a past life too.


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