Feel Good For Speedy Results


Want to tap into the Law of Attraction? Is everyone getting results but you can’t seem to? This may be the missing ingredient. Let’s Go!!!

This is an easy one. Think of it this way: Feeling good assists the universe in bringing things to you. Energy is attracted to energy..its very simple. Likes attracts like. If you begin to generate joy from within now, you will continue to attract joyful things into your life like never before.

Try this sometime: when you are sitting around waiting for something to happen in your life and it doesn’t matter what it is… It could be a phone call for an interview, a call from your loved one or a call for a check that you are waiting for, the phone rarely rings when you sit around feeling stagnant, worried or even angry about something. Its when you move, get up, go to the bathroom or leave the house to run an errand- the phone rings. When you get active so does the energy around you. The universe responds to activity…



In addition, When you allow the body to feel peace and bliss throughout it, the thoughts that flow from you will be picked up and carried through the universe to attract more of the same. You cannot attract much when you feel bad or unbalanced. It is important to exercise, breathe deep and stay in the zone of feeling good! If you want to create magic in your life, you should first become the thing that you seek. Yes! Its thats the science behind it; Transform you and the universe will change too and all that you are inside will be reflected back through a multitude of resources sent first class straight to you.

There are several ways that you can feel good right now. You can change whatever you are thinking about to a positive thought or one that brings you back to the peace within you.

Feeling good is not a mystery, its all about doing it, playing some music, being around art, singing, dancing and meditation are just some of the ways to feel good. Its important to choose things that support the peace and bliss within you. What I’m speaking of is personally generating energy from within, that assists with co-creation on a regular basis. Finally, enjoying and sharing that energy with others. Constant- optimal- manifestation happens when we remain in a natural state of joy as much as possible.




There are several ways one can choose to feel good. Visualizing your desired present or desired future is one way. Remember this: the goal of Abundance Manifesting is to attract the end result to you. When visualizing you are to focus on only experiencing the end result of having received what you want. For faster results- Its important to see as many details of the goal you are manifesting, colors, smells, textures, etc. Also, smile inside and outside as you experience the feeling of having it.

It is your call! You are always creating more of whatever it is that you see the most in your head. At the same time you are creating more of it in the world too so its a good idea to focus primarily on the end result. Also focus the bulk of your energy on only things you want to see more of, with no exceptions. Otherwise, you will attract an experience of always being in the process of acquiring this or that thing or things you do not want to see. Instead of attracting the end result which is having what you desire and fully enjoying it.

As you go through your day, Are you feeling good? If not just choose to. Play some music, laugh, sing, dance, meditate, go outside and feel the breeze on your face. Whatever you choose- feel the peace within and ride that wave while you imagine and visualize all your goals and dreams. Never doubt the power of the Universe.



Know that whatever you energize with your thoughts- its coming to you soon. So focus- see the end result of you enjoying your blessings again and again. What are you waiting for? Don’t doubt. You deserve it! Go for it!


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