Knowing Versus Believing~ What’s the Difference?

Knowing vs Believing

When practicing the steps to manifesting abundance its important to remember when you get to the 3rd step in the Manifesting Abundance Process you have to work with the word KNOW. It is true that some people use the word believe and do not understand where the word knowing seals the process of manifesting perfecting with The Law of Attraction. I will say there is an enormous difference between the two of them. Again:

1. Decide your wants or goals

2. Affirm what you want

3. Know you have it

4. Enjoy the image of having it

5. Let go, allow and receive the blessings

We have to clarify what we believe versus what we know. Most people think what they believe about the nature of reality and what they know about reality are one and the same thing, but this is incorrect. When we say, “I believe,” we indicate that we do not know by personal experience. For example;“I believe that I will live a long life if I don’t smoke, if I don’t eat meat, if I don’t drink, if I’m loyal to my spouse, if I don’t lie.” What I’m really saying is, “I don’t know but I hope so.”

Beliefs are usually based on the assumptions of a person, a philosophy or school of thought that we consider an authority. Usually we apply these words to ourselves because they appeal to us, and then we begin to ‘believe’ they are true.

There is a fundamental difference between believing something and knowing something. Beliefs, such as theology or theories, are invariably arrived at through a process of logical deduction are usually taught to people by their peers, mentors, and society – whereas knowing something is arrived at through personal experience.

Another example, humans know that they are physically alive in this planet – not because they think it based on some theory taught to them by their peers or because they have deduced it – but rather because they are Experiencing it. The experience of living provides a person with the ultimate testimony which is completely personal, ‘proof’ that they are physically alive on earth and this KNOWING transcends the need for either belief or logic.


Finally, it is important to use a word that lets the universe feel your unfathomable understanding in it and in the role that source plays in your life.

If there is any doubt in the process of manifesting you may or may not get your desires at all or you will get them in a longer span of time than when you asked for them. Remember the process, and see what works for you. One thing is true, the universe will reveal the truth to you no matter what, because experience is a true teacher.

~Sereda Aleta Dailey


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