4 Misconceptions About (Holistic) Business Marketing

1. Sharing personal business

There is a misconception that a business owner should not share personal details about their life with their clients. This is certainly a misconception. There are billions of businesses who make their living off of telling their life stories. How can that be BAD for business. What is bad for business is to take advice from people who do not have the business you have, do not work with you everyday, have no experience in doing readings or marketing for that matter. If you go to your business consultant and they advise you on key steps that will make you and your business successful. Would you take the advice of a person who is giving you an option. Or would you rather listen to the professional business consultant.

2. Over Selling and Explaining

Advertise, advise and inform your customers or future ones. Just remember, your business is great. You have a service that someone needs what you provide. Over talking is over kill sometimes. Say what your services are, share your rates too if you are asked to. Then leave it there.

You are not in front of potential clients to make them a believer in your work. Stand confident. Know that you can do everything you are offering to your client with ease. That’s the reason you went into business, to show your skills. Now that you have a business. You have to allow the customer trust you.

Let the customer make the decision. They will be glad they did. Then, allow your great skills to shine through after you are hired. You service should be worth every penny spent. That is the easy though.

Just think of it all like this: As a holistic business owner you probably have intense intuitive skills right? You also have a natural talent for understanding certain details about the body, people or information. The metaphysical, and spiritual side of life is your area of specialty. I won’t take up this entire page with the long list of your skills today. The point is, you know what you are doing. Trust yourself and make a sale. People need healing!

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3. Ignoring Online Measurement Data

You have a couple of websites, 3 blogs, and pages on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace. Ok that’s great now what is the reason you have these pages? Most business have these pages so they can monitor their customers interests. Why else would you have these pages and not have them working for you to bring clients to you that need you and your services?

On each of these accounts you will find ways the site will show data on how many people visit your pages and also what they dig most about what you offer service wise or topic wise will show as well. Most businesses, big and small miss this area. Not measuring the facts is just like allowing your potential clients into your door, only to ignore them once they step into your office. No business person wants to do that! Exactly, this is why its very important to look at these on a regular basis and take note of them. If no one is responding to certain posts or advertising. There is usually a reason for that. With careful review you will know what to do next.

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4. Any marketing will do for a holistic business

Your business provides a service everyone wants right? The answer could be a yes or no depending on how you choose to share what you do with your market. You have a whole lot of choices. It is important to go beyond just giving money to sales people with a hope in mind that what you dreamed of will come true based off of the money you spent on your advertising campaign. What the heck is marketing anyway?

Marketing is: the method you use to tell the world about you. Or in Wikipedia’s words: The action or business of promoting and selling products or services. To be effective in marketing though you need to find out who your target market is. Who is that? to find out you will have to do a little research to see what others’ are doing that have businesses in your chosen field of study.

If you market on the television but your ideal client that will appreciate your business is not watching television, it’s a good idea to save your money for another avenue to market your business.

If you need assistance with Business Consulting for your business please leave a comment~ Thank you!


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