The Wonders Of Qi Gong~



Qi Gong is great. I do it everyday. The benefits are so vast that i will put another post up about more benefits as i find them. Also look for a post about Qi Gong and its immediate results, i have a list of them from clients and from me as well. My Qi gong instructor told us so many great things about Qi Gong. Its a wonder why i ever missed doing a day of it.

A real quick testimonial from me is that, right after doing the exercises, animals come and watch you do the movements and even walk almost all the way up to you in the park. I have watched particles in the air start coming towards me during my qi gong practice. So its no doubt that we are strengthening out magnetic field when we do the movements. Its so simple to do, depending on the type you are doing. I have an affinity for the movements that require balance and look like kung fu fighting movements. Enough about that. Check out the benefits!

The benefits of qigong are said to extend beyond health and healing to enhance spiritual life and even special abilities, such as psychic powers.

Anti- aging by Enhanced activity of anti-aging enzyme SOD

Therapeutic balancing of the meridians and functions of the body by qigong

Reversing symptoms of senility

Heightened and Balanced Cardiovascular function

Increasing Blood flow to the brain

Longevity, 50% greater; after Qigong 30 min/twice daily, 20 years

Increases in qi flow and blood circulation help

Qigong exercise helps the body to heal itself.

Qigong is a natural anti-aging medicine.

Enhanced Endocrine gland functions

Qigong exercise is superior to some physical exercises.

Strokes, 50% fewer after Qigong 30 min/twice daily, 20 years

Qigong has special value for treating chronic conditions and as a preventive medicine, whereas Western medicine has special value for treating acute conditions.


Some chronic problems Qi Gong can assist in treating include hypertension, cardiovascular disease, aging, asthma, allergies, menstrual and sexual function, neuromuscular problems, and cancer.

Blood viscosity

Bone density


Immune System Recalibration

One of the prime benefits of Qigong is stress reduction, and a main ingredient of practice is intention (i.e., Yi) that uses the mind to guide the Qi.

For practitioners of Qigong, it gives us an experiential understanding of greater balance within ourselves and of the cultivation our individual physical, mental and spiritual potential.


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