31 Reasons I Love The Art of Meditation More Each Day!!

My body is very healthy first of all. I enjoy keeping it that way. Never been to the hospital for anything besides check ups. Any ailment I have had in my life i have used natural means to fix or deal with it. Somethings do require a hospital. I don’t knock western medicine at all. It has its place but we should not use that an an excuse to not be healthy.

Continuing on..I have loved meditation since the first day i was introduced to it which was many years ago. I learned the art of meditation the best when i had a teacher to show me how to do it, verses how not to do it. I have seen some awesome results in my world because i know i have the power within me to do what i choose to do. However the greatest thing i learned was that when we can make decisions when we are in the heat of the moment or at the crossroads. That’s when  our response means everything. If i can train to be peaceful in the midst of a challenge, however when the challenge comes my way. I react in a way that was not a part of the plan…hey that’s one reason meditation is perfect. Reprogramming is what most of us in this world have to do. Taking charge of my live through the breath is what i use meditation for.

It’s important to be proactive in life. Why wait for a health challenge to happen to us, we can do the work to make sure our inner body is on point and we can live stress and illusion free from thinking that the world or anyone is against us. Even if they are deliberately doing things to harm us. It is in our response that determines the outcome in life. We can live longer fuller lives by managing our breathing better. You may use meditation for something all together different but it will helps you regardless. Enjoy your journey as i have enjoyed mine.

1. Meditation is more efficient than medicine

2. Greater clarity of perception

3. Relaxation

4. It is a great time to plan

5. A time to see life holistically

6. Consciously breathing deeper

7. Trains the body to take in longer, deep breaths

8. Assists with clearer thinking

9. Decreases muscle tension

10. Stress cannot exist when we learn to control the breath

11. Decreases aging process

12. Assists with better brain usage

13. Calms the nervous system

14. Optimized control of the breath

15. Deeper sleep

16. More dreams

17. Increases overall vitality

18. A perfect time to reprogram our thoughts, words and actions

19. Increases efficiency in work and at home

20. Greater thinking

21. Weight control and regulation naturally

22. Balanced blood pressure

23. Higher confidence

24. Hormonal balancing

25. Blood sugar stablizing

26. The ability to see illusions

27. Lower to zero PMS

28. Raises immune functionality

29. Regulates heartbeat and strengthens it

30. Increased creativity

31. Positive outlook and joy increased



4 Replies to “31 Reasons I Love The Art of Meditation More Each Day!!”

    1. That’s great, i know you will love meditation even more by the day, who knew sitting down with our eyes closed; simply breathing could be such a powerful but peaceful experience. Thanks for sharing with us. Definitely come back and share more comments with us~ peace and bliss:-D

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