Top 10 QUICK Ways To Make Money!



Hey~ I was thinking about the millions of ways to make money on and offline. I have had my share of businesses over the years, starting with when i was first born. I’ve always thought like a business person. Money can be made legally 24/7 all it takes is confidence and some research then ready, set go!

This topic came to mind. As i went through my start up businesses in my head. So here’s a small list of somethings i found from researching around the internet and speaking to some go getters. Remember you are the one who makes the it happen. You can make your business as big or small as you want to. It’s all up to you! What a beautiful thing:-) Choices~ There are more than 10 but i chose a few for you.



1. Sale stuff on Craigslist~ I’ve done this before. It’s very simple to set up. Check their website. Look at the endless opportunities to sale what you have to others who may need your inventory of excess stuff more than you. You can sell any and everything. This site is also great for giving items away from free too. Just post and people will show up. I know i just used it to sell and give away a load of stuff.

2. Sale to motorists~ We have all seen them standing on the medians in the street selling water, clothes, pies, food, soda, flowers and fruit. This is a way to make some fast money, all you have to do is step outside and do it. While you are in the street, Be safe too.

3. Hold a garage/ yard sale~ This is a popular one. Put a table outside and get to selling. That’s all there is to it. Make it easy and put a sign out weeks ahead of time too..Before the sale make sure you get change too.

5. Sale food out of your house and/or car~ Look up Sam’s club or other bulk buying stores. Plan your meals, think of your clients and schedule it after careful research. However, if you know you can cook. You can start tomorrow using only paper plates and foil lol. I used to do this also. I love cooking and sharing food. There is no limit to what you can do here.

6. Rent out your house~ This is a no brainer. I suggest you heavily interview and make sure you get the right person before you make your final choice. For some, Its easier to hire a company to do the leg work of finding prospects that need a home. They will interview them, bring them to your space, show them what you have to offer (while you’re home of course) these placement companies do not cost too much.

7. Make stuff to sale~ This is a piece i created by hand. It’s a Sunshine bag. Simply make something you enjoy making and show or tell others about it. That’s all there is to it! trust me, someone wants what you have to offer. why wouldn’t they? Exactly, you’re mad talented. No doubting allowed at Bliss Returned :-).

8. Set up and sell at the flea market~ So easy! To set up at least. Making money may take some chit chatting but who can’t do that? Go for it. Call your local flea market and make a trip there as well to check out what others’ are doing. Bring something the public wants and just do it!

Flea market in Madrid.

9. Become a dog walker~ Hey i could not leave this one out. It’s easy for those who love animals, especially if you meditate on a regular basis, are very patient and loving. Someone out there needs what you have to offer. It takes a certain kinda person to do this but hey, you have what it takes. If you want to walk the dogs- go do it:-) place an ad, hang a poster, tell people everywhere.

I hope you enjoyed this. Friday is a day for lighthearted fun. So here is my contribution to that reality. Joyous evening to you and yours. Next i’ll write my thoughts on dating ;-D

Disclaimer: This post was writing for fun. Do your research.

Then, Get your money!!!




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