Top Vegan and Live Vegan Iron Sources

Spinach salad topped with a bit of dressing and mandarin oranges.If you are a vegan, what is the first argument you hear from meat-eating advocates?  Well the sarcastic ones might say something about plants having feelings too, but the most popular rebuttal usually has something to do with iron. And yes iron is an essential mineral because it contributes to the production of blood cells. The human body needs iron to make the oxygen-carrying proteins hemoglobin and myoglobin.  But just because you don’t eat meat doesn’t mean your going to wither away with anemia.

However, anemia is not something to be taken lightly. The World Health Organization considers iron deficiency the number one nutritional disorder in the world. As many as 80 percent of the world’s population may be iron deficient, while 30 percent may have iron deficiency anemia. The human body stores some iron to replace any that is lost.  However, low iron levels over a long period of time can lead to iron deficiency anemia. Symptoms include lack of energy, shortness of breath, headache, irritability, dizziness, or weight loss. So here’s the 411 on iron:  how much you need, where you can get it, and tips to maximize its absorption.

Iron Requirements

The Food and Nutrition Board at the Institute of Medicine recommends the following:

Infants and children

• Younger than 6 months: 0.27 milligrams per day (mg/day)

• 7 months to1 year: 11mg/day

• 1 to 3 years: 7 mg/day

•4 to 8years: 10 mg/day


• 9 to 13 years: 8 mg/day

•14 to 18 years: 11mg/day

• Age 19 and older: 8 mg/day


• 9 to 13 years: 8 mg/day

•14 to 18 years: 15mg/day

•19 to 50 years: 18mg/day

• 51 and older: 8 mg/day

Non-animal iron sources:

Eating red meat and organ meat are the most efficient ways to get iron, but for vegans, obviously, that’s not going to happen. Here are  plant-based foods with some of the highest iron levels:

Spirulina (1 tsp): 5 mg

Cooked soybeans (1/2 cup): 4.4 mg

Pumpkin seeds (1 ounce): 4.2 mg

Quinoa (4 ounces): 4 mg

Blackstrap molasses (1 tbsp): 4 mg

Tomato paste (4 ounces): 3.9 mg

White beans (1/2 cup) 3.9 mg

Cooked spinach (1/2 cup): 3.2 mg

Dried peaches (6 halves): 3.1 mg

Prune juice (8 ounces): 3 mg

Lentils (4 ounces): 3 mg

Turnip Greens

Another great source of the mineral iron is turnip greens. They are actually regarded as superchargers, as they are stocked with different nutrient. The vegetable was initially introduced to the rest of the world by the early European settlers. It has become popular ever since. Apart from controlling and preventing a number of health conditions, turnip greens also help to strengthen the general immune system of the body.

Iron Rich Vegetables (Iron in mg); Beet Greens – 1.4, Bok Choy (cooked) – 0.7, Broccoli (cooked) – 0.55, Green Beans(cooked0 – 0.60, Pumpkin (cooked) – 1.7, Potato (with skin) – 1.7, Prune juice (4 oz) – 1.5, Potato (1 large) – 1.4, Peas (cooked) – 0.65, Sea vegetables – 18.1 – 42.0, Sweet Potatoes – 1.7, Swiss Chard – 2, Spinach (cooked) – 1.5, Tomato Juice – 0.6,Turnip Green – 1.6, Watermelon (1/8 medium) – 0.5.

Other Sources; Thyme (dried, ground), Dill weedCumin Seeds, Fresh Parsley, Basil (dried, ground), Cinnamon (ground),Oregano (dried, ground), Turmeric powder, Black pepper, Lettuce, Blackstrap Molasses, Lima beans (cooked), Lentils(cooked), Tofu (raw) and Tempeh.

A Plethora of Vegtables.

I highly recommend adding some natural source of iron to your diet/lifestyle which include : Green leafy vegetables, e.g. Parsley, Spinach, Watercress, kale, collards greens, mustard greens etc.; almonds, beets, avocados, dates, kidney and lima beans, lentils, millet, peaches, pears, pumpkin, dried prunes, blackstrap molasses, raisins, wheat bran, and sesame seeds.Herbs that contain Iron (organic) include: Red Raspberry Leaves, Moringa Seed, Devil’s Claw, Mullein Leaves, Burdock Root, Dandelion Root, Yellow Dock Root (highest natural source), Dong Quai, Alfalfa, Nettle, Chickweed, Horsetail, and EyebrighT.Seaweeds are also exceptional sources of organic, dietary Iron. Good seaweeds to consume for Iron purposes include: Kelp, Dulse, Spirulina, Irish Moss, Chlorella, and Blue-Green Algae.Also nutritional thiocyanate rich food should be included in your lifestyle also: Almonds, Banana, Black eye peas, Brussel sprouts, Buckwheat, Butter Beans, Cassava, Cauliflower, Garbanzo beans, Horseradish, Lentils, Lima Beans, Millet, Mustard (greens), Plantain, Raspberries, Rutabaga,Turnips, and White Yam.

Sweet Potatoes

A healthy vegetable to maintain the required iron store in the human body, sweet potato is very popular all over the world and is widely incorporated in the cuisine culture of a number of regions. It helps to maintain the RDA of iron indirectly.

Tips to get the most iron out of your food:

  • Eat iron-rich foods along with foods that contain vitamin C, which helps the body absorb the iron.
  • Tea and coffee contains compounds called polyphenols, which can bind with iron making it harder for our bodies to absorb it.
  • Calcium also hinders the absorption of iron; avoid high-calcium foods for a half hour before or after eating iron-rich foods.
  • Cook in iron pots. The acid in foods seems to pull some of the iron out of the cast-iron pots. Simmering acidic foods, such as tomato sauce, in an iron pot can increase the iron content of the brew more than ten-fold. Cooking foods containing other acids, such as vinegar, red wine, lemon or lime juice, in an iron pot can also increase the iron content of the final mixture.

Sea Vegetable

Sea vegetables, commonly known as seaweeds, are a rich source of iron. They can be found growing in seawater as well as fresh water bodies or lakes. One can commonly find them growing in coral reefs and rocky landscapes. Apart from being a good source of iron, these vegetables also contain high amounts of iodine, which is very essential for the proper functioning of the thyroid glands.

Iron Rich Juice To Combat Anemia – “Iron Relish”

Ingredients You Will Need for this Iron Rich Juice

For this Iron rich juice you will need -1. One big unpeeled apple – cut into small pieces.2. One medium sized orange -peeled and separated segment wise..3. Spinach leaves (around 6-7) – chopped.4. Small beetroot halved and cut into pieces.5. Crushed ice.

How to Make 2 Glasses of “Iron Relish”

Iron is very necessary in order to develop enough hemoglobin in our body for essential oxygen to be delivered into our cells. Deficiency of iron can lead to anemia and this can result in laziness and can slow down physical and mental functioning. The following fruit and vegetable juice helps in keeping anemia away by providing all the necessary nutrients.

You can make this fruit and vegetable iron-rich juice by using a juicer or a mixer/blender.

*In case you are using a juicer, you just need to juice all the ingredients together except the ice. Finally add the ice and serve the juice chilled.

*In case you are using a mixer/blender, you can mix all the ingredients together except the ice with little water and blend it till it is of smooth texture. Then using a strainer, strain the juice and then serve with ice.

Why Is Iron Relish So Healthy?

Iron relish is the best iron-rich fruit and vegetable juice for anemic people. Why? Because it contains the goodness of orange, apple, spinach and beetroot.

Beetroot and spinach are major iron boosters whereas apples are added in order to give away a little sweetness to the recipe.

In order to enhance absorption of iron, Vitamin C is required and in this fruit and vegetable juice oranges are added which are great when it comes to increasing Vitamin C in our body.

Nutrition Values Per Glass of Iron Relish

Energy – 106 KCalProtein – 1.0 Gm.Carbohydrate – 23.7 Gm.Fat – 0.8 Gm.Iron – 1.2 Mg.Vitamin C- 20.9 Mg.

Another Iron-Rich Juice to Combat Anemia – Tomato Apple Juice

Things You Will Need to Make This Fruit/Vegetable Juice Rich in Iron Content

In order to make this tasty tomato apple juice, you need the following ingredients -* 2 medium tomatoes — chopped into pieces.* 1 big apple — not peeled, and chopped into small pieces.* Crushed ice

How to Make 2 Glasses of Apple Tomato Juice

This tangy juice will certainly earn compliments from friends and family alike..

You can make this fruit and vegetable iron-rich juice by using a juicer or a mixer/blender.

*In case you are using a juicer, you just need to juice all the ingredients together except the ice. Finally add the ice and serve the juice chilled.

*In case you are using a mixer/blender, you can mix all the ingredients together except the ice with little water and blend it till it is of smooth texture. Then using a strainer, strain the juice and then serve with ice.

Why Is The Tomato Apple Juice So Healthy?

Anemia results mainly because of deficiency of iron in our body. This is not the only reason. Anemia is caused due to deficiencies in folic acid and Vitamin B12.

Tomatoes are rich in folic acid, Vitamin C and iron. Apple adds a little sweetness to the tangy juice. All in all a nutrient rich fruit/vegetable juice which is perfect for anemic people!

Nutritional Values Per Glass of Tomato Apple Juice

Energy – 90 KCal.Protein – 1.0 Gm.Carbohydrate – 19.6 Gm.Fat – 0.8 Gm.Iron – 1.3 Gm.Vitamin C – 22.9 Mg.Folic Acid – 24.0 Mcg.

Do you have iron sources that you depend on not mentioned here? Share them with us in the comment field!


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