One Love~ <3

We all have something to say, but also our positions are very strong. But we gotta remember that our word isn’t THE WORD OF ALL…we have to remember when we see or hear blanket statements they are usually ..only.. that particular persons opinion and also, that person with all the comments is expressing from primarily their experiences or maybe even from something they heard from somewhere or someone, and since that’s the way that individual saw life at that time, we shouldn’t spend too much time up in going back and forth with others in a frustrated way… because all of us have our own experiences to go by and to learn from, not one of us is exempt from the lessons of life…and we all can teach and also learn a thing or two from our brothers and sisters…regardless of race…it is the heart and intention I’m most concerned with…you know evil is there…you leave it be…you feel a familiar energy and it resonates with you…build and share with it…there is 1 Consciousness shared between us all…ONE LOVE that’s All ~Simple Bliss ❤


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