Birth Day Numbers Reveal Your Unique Gift

In numerology your Birth day number says so much about you. We all know this as the day of your birth. This number is not reduced, unlike the life path number. It is one of 1- 31 variations. There are of course 31 birth days descriptions to match them. Each one unique and special.

The day when you were born is an important part in understanding who you are in the and what special talents you inherited this lifetime. Your Birth day number is a gift endowed to you, that will assist you on your Life’s Path journey. In numerology there are four core numbers. The Birth day is one and the Life Path, Expression, Heart’s Desire numbers’ are the other three.

In order of significance the Life path number has historically been the most important of them all. While the Birth day number is the least significant of the four. However, the Birth day number is still a special factor because it shows the talent that you have that can assist you with conquering all challenges if it is used properly and to your best ability. Please scroll through the blog for a sample of your Birthday numbers~ We do Numerology Reports as well please check out for more information Thank you JoyfulBliss to you!!


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