Top 5 Reasons Why Raw Food Diets FAIL

1. Lack of Preparation being prepared is the corner stone of a successful raw diet. Get as much practice as you can and then stock up !

2. Lack of tasty meal options, Get to become a readable feast lover,check out the blog scene especially Gone Raw and practice,practice practice. I have to admit that although I am a raw food chef it took me about twenty try to really get a perfect raw food cracker.

3.Lack of a raw community,being apart of a raw community is helpful especially because you can share ideas and even improve on other peoples ideas.Like maybe someone has an idea for making chocolate pudding with avocados and although you like chocolate pudding you come up with using cashews for the base and it comes out tasting twenty times better. Being able to share in something as special as raw foods and seeing other people’s experience with raw foods is inspirational. A very supportive community is Raw Food Talk

4. Lack of a great raw food uncook book. I have to say that this is extremely important because when you look at a picture of a recipe you get inspired in a way that gets you motivated to go in that kitchen and make magic happen. A great first book option is The Raw Gourmet

5. Lack of a good reason. Resolve is very important when you decide to go raw. Instead of saying I have to go raw say I get to go raw and I get to part take in some of the most freshest and delicious food on the face of the planet. I get to look my best and feel like I can take on the world.


4 Replies to “Top 5 Reasons Why Raw Food Diets FAIL”

  1. Raw isn’t a lifestyle I would want to do longterm, but I do see so many benefits. I would suggest people try it (after researching it thoroughly) for 2 weeks at a time. Then maybe a little more, if you feel the benefits. Make it a way to refresh your body after the holidays or a time of poor food choices.

    1. Food is an important part of health but we must be clear that it is only a part. A holistic approach to health is required, taking other factors such as water, air, exercise, emotions, and mental state into consideration. What we eat significantly affects our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. We all have different body types, ethnic backgrounds, medical histories, stress levels, caloric needs and physiological responses to food; therefore, no one philosophy is right for everyone.

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