The benefits of a raw food lifestyle

The benefits of a raw food lifestyle are vast and great after you get through the vital initial DETOX part. After your body detoxes and clears out all of the residue left behind by bad food choices, drug residue, pesticides and toxic pollutants it then begins to heal and use all of the live enzymes, vitamins and minerals for repair and rejuvenation. During the rejuvenation stage and even the last half of detox many if not all most raw foodist experience a lessening of their symptoms that was associated with their illness. Many people like me who have been plagued with acute so called incurable illnesses like irritable bowl syndrome report a lessening of their symptoms and a full cure in a couple of months after following a 100 percent raw food diet. This reported healing is single handily because of an increase of live enzymes vitamins and minerals. The body is given a well deserved rest when it is given live enzymes from uncooked fruits vegetables seeds grains and nuts. It doesn’t have to deplete is own storage and is then able to focus on healing and preventing future illnesses. Raw foodist all over the country and world have cured themselves of diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, colitis, Irritable bowl syndrome ,depression ,heart disease ,dry skin, acne, and countless other diseases just by having faith. The list of health related illness in our society is virtually endless from Alzheimer’s, diabetes, depression, digestive disorder, uterine fibroid, auto-immune problems, chronic fatigue, PMS, arthritis, etc. Juicing and eating living foods are major steps to reclaiming your natural god-given health and longevity. Humans have evolved over millions of years without microwave ovens and electric ranges. Our ancestors didn’t have Kraft macaroni and cheese, Big Mac’s, Campbell soup and pasteurized milk or juice on their menu. Judging from the fossil records,they didn’t suffer the physical breakdown or deterioration we experience on a processed, refined and devitalized food substance lifestyle.


6 Replies to “The benefits of a raw food lifestyle”

  1. Thanks for a great site. Enjoyed reading very much! Now to start on a better diet and lifestyle. At 64 I fell too young to have as many achnes, pains, and low energy as I’m experencing.

    1. Thanks beloved for stopping by to read and comment. We’re glad you like it <3~ looking forward to more of your visits and comments.

  2. We can add chron’s disease to this list… and I am not 100% raw foodist but changing my eating habits… I am no longer on meds and its been a whole year since I have had any “attacks”

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