Seven Steps to Inner Peace and Happiness

Inner peace and happiness sound like ideal vacation spots that we never find time to visit. Let’s explore

1. Let go of past hurts inhibiting compassion.

How you hold on to painful events determines your level of inner peace. If the conflict haunts you with regret, anger or fear, you shut down your natural compassion and empathy for others. Instead of finding common ground with others, you react defensively to avoid getting hurt.

Listen to step 1, discerning the truth for yourself.

You are surprised with a gift, but you found yourself mentally cataloging past disappointments. Love was present, but you was in the land of perpetual dissatisfaction. When you’re living in the past, consciously choose to reorient yourself in the present by saying, “I willingly release this pain. I choose not to hold it as my own.”

2. Reconnect with inner wisdom.

When you need it most, the right idea pops into your head. Some call it intuition, others call it inner wisdom. This well of knowledge exists deep within, providing new ideas and solutions to resolve everyday situations.

Listen …discerning the truth for yourself.

I reconnect with inner wisdom when I am able to see the simplicity of a situation. I juggle many responsibilities, and my best ideas for time management pop up when I use a simple practice of listening within for straight-forward solutions. Taking a deep breath, I refocus my thoughts and affirm: “Wisdom within my being, flow freely and fill me with your simplicity.”

3. Disconnect from conventional wisdom and follow your heart.

Societal norms and expectations keep us on the straight and narrow path, following conventional wisdom for forming relationships (don’t talk to strangers), forwarding your career (work late to get ahead) and money money money (more is never enough). Conventional wisdom can supercede our inner wisdom, making us miserable in the pursuit to fit into society on all levels

Our hearts often know better, and it takes courage to follow a different code of behavior. Affirm your inner code of the heart by saying, “I willingly pull from my well of peace to guide my actions.”

4. Connect with universal energy.

Our world is filled with energy, including solar, wind and other energies harnessed by humanity. We are part of an interconnected universe of energy, which provides us with inspiration and creative juice. Like boats riding swiftly with the current, our greatest accomplishments are achieved when we flow with this universal energy. Artists and musicians use this energy as their muse.

Align with power to support your life’s work by saying, “I recognize and access the powerful world of energy around and within me.”

5. Discover your higher purpose.

You have a higher purpose beyond business and family roles. A coffee barista’s higher purpose may not be to mix a smooth latte, but to touch people with genuine acceptance. A stock broker’s higher purpose may not be to make people rich, but to manifest abundance in many forms. A garbage collector’s higher purpose may not be to process refuse, but to remove blocks from seeing the sweetness of life.

A higher purpose guides your exploration of life issues, leading you to perform certain roles. To find your purpose, look at the jobs you have held and the underlying ideals that drove you. A secretary may support everyone around her, at work and at home. Her underlying driving ideal may be loving others in all circumstances. She can explore and perform her higher purpose in every situation she encounters. Affirm your higher purpose by saying, “I feel great joy in exploring and performing my higher purpose.”

6. Live life like a master teacher.

Great master teachers remind us to use compassion, forgiveness and personal responsibility to guide our choices. You can forgive others by accessing compassion, which helps you to take personal responsibility for your actions. Master teachers use each experience as an opportunity to connect with others.

Affirm this by saying, “I honor the sacred within all beings.”

7. Encourage others on their personal journeys.

As you awaken your inner peace and happiness, your choices demonstrate to others how to live life on a deeper level. Share your happiness with others by encouraging them on their journeys. Gandhi encouraged people to be the peace they desire in the world.

Affirm your contribution by saying, “I let my joy reflect upon others.”

When inner vacationing, you’re already at home with peace and happiness….let LOVE Rule 😉


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