Negative Emotions

Negative emotion can creep up on you like an engulfing flame. When your about to do something you love or your about to start a new project your passionate about, negative emotions can really be the stumbling block that makes what your about to do now harder and more difficult than ever. I defiantly know this to be true for me. When I am about to do something that I know is going to bring me closer to my goals there is always that monster in my head saying things like you failed at this before you weren’t well received before so why are you going to put yourself in that predicament now? Well I am here to tell you that freeing yourself from negative emotions isn’t easy. You can’t shake those emotions off like a leaf on your shoulder.What you have to try your best to do is start small. Feel the negative emotion but still move forward towards your goal.For example if you are planing to write a book and you are saying to yourself but so and so has a book how can I top that? Stop and say the truth which is God made us all and if we are uniquely made my project is defiantly going to b different but none is better or worse. However just saying this isn’t enough you have to say it and move it. Meaning even though you are experiencing the negative emotion you have to act in the opposite of that fear. Follow your dreams anyways, fight those thoughts with actions that overrides all negative emotion. SO JOIN ME AS I SPEAK NO NEGATIVITY HEAR NO NEGATIVITY AND PAY NO MIND TO NEGATIVITY


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